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It's common for the factory shift lever ball seat to wear, crumble and disintegrate over time. This often results in a sloppy or loose transmission shifter. The factory seat is soft and is squeezed into position. Therefore it is fragile. We took a different approach. Instead of squeezing the seat into place, we machine a strong, rigid piece that rotates & drops into position. This allows us to make our seat from stronger, longer lasting USA-made Delrin. Our new heavy duty seats will far out last the stock units and will greatly reduce shifter slop.

Application Color
  • 1985-1988 W-series (W56-A, W56-B)
  • Early style R154
Red Seat
  • 1981-83 L-series (L45, L50, L52)
  • 1984-95 G-series (G52, G54, G58)
  • 1989-2004 W-series (W56-C, W56-D, W56-E, W59)
  • All 1986+ R-series (R150F, R151F)
  • All 2005+ RA-series (6-speed RA60F)
Additional notes:
In general, this fits all 1981 and newer manual transmission Toyota 2WD and 4WD trucks, including T100s, Tundras, Tacomas, FJ Cruisers, and 4Runners, but excludes the 1985-88 W56-A/B (uses red seat listed above).
Also fits rear wheel drive Cressida's, Celica's & Supra's!
White Seat
This is our H.D. Transfer Case Shift Handle Seat
  • Forward shifting style t/case seat
    • Where the t/case handle mounts atop the transmission
    • Found atop G52, G54, W56-C, W56-D, W56-E, R151F
  • Top shift chain drive t/case seat
    • Where the t/case handle mounts atop the t/case itself
    • Found behind G58, W59, R150F
Blue Seat

Red Shifter Seat Application     White Shifter Seat Application

If your transmission is not listed, don't despair! While we cannot guarantee if our seats will fit other applications, they have been found to fit other applications based on the bore diameter of your transmission's shifter base: Our Blue seats are designed for a 39mm bore, our Red seats are designed for a 41mm bore, and our White seats are designed for a 42mm bore. If you order a seat and find it doesn't fit, you will be subject to our restocking fee if returned.

It is highly recommended to use our HD seats in conjunction with our HD Shifter Sockets for maximum performance.

(Starting at $12.49)

Companion Products

We've put together the following list of our favorite companion products to help complete your project!
Low Profile Drain Plug

Low Profile Magnetic Drain Plug (with Aluminum Gasket). This drain plug comes with an aluminum gasket for use with aluminum housings (such as a transfer case).

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Clutch Fork Boot for 1981-1995 applications

Genuine Toyota Clutch Fork Boot for 1981-1995 Hilux Trucks, 4Runners, T100 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder L- G- W- and R-series transmissions.

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Heavy Duty Shifter Sockets

Our heavy duty Marlin Crawler nylon shift lever bushing (socket) will far outlast the stock Toyota counterpart.

Designed for the longest lasting and firm shifter feel, replace your sloppy and worn out parts today, and put an end to your shifter break-dancing!

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Transmission Shift Handle Boots

Genuine Toyota Transmission Shift Handle boots. The square boot pictured to the left fits 1985-88 W56 transmissions (W56-A and W56-B). The round boot is the more common boot found on most all other Truck applications such as L-, G-, W-, and R-series transmissions, excluding the early L43 side shifting 4-speed transmissions.

Made in Japan by Toyota.

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Permatex Ultra Grey Silicone

When we rebuild R154 Supra Drag Race Competition transmissions and R150F Baja 1000 Desert Racing

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Marlin Crawler Transmission Shift Knob

It's back!

Do you recall the brief moment in time when we released a very limited quantity of special Marlin Crawler  "10th Anniversary Shift Knobs"? Do you remember that time you wanted one so bad you could hardly stand it?

Well now you can own one! You can stop coveting your neighbor and buy your very own Marlin Crawler Transmission Shift Knob! It is not the limited 10th Anniversary Edition but rather a standard Marlin Crawler Edition that we will be stocking on a regular basis! Maybe someday you'll find a rare 10th Anniversary MC knob, but until that day comes, pick one of these up instead!

CNC cut and black Anodized right here in the USA using USA Billet Aluminum.

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Heavy Duty Transmission Output Seal

Heavy Duty Transmission Output Seal with all the same features that made our Heavy Duty Inner Axle seal world famous!

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