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Local Trail Status Report

TrailStatusExpected Closing
Bald MtnOPEN
Blue CanyonOPEN
Brewer LakeCLOSEDJune 15, 2017
Coyote LakeCLOSEDJune 15, 2017
Dusy/ErshimCLOSEDAugust 1, 2017
Mirror LakeCLOSEDJune 15, 2017
Red LakeCLOSEDJune 15, 2017
Spanish LakeCLOSEDJuly 1, 2017
Strawberry LakeCLOSEDJune 15, 2017
Swamp LakeCLOSEDJuly 1, 2017
West LakeCLOSEDJune 15, 2017
We work hard to keep our local trails open for the community!
We are members of 6 different 4WD clubs and
work hard to preserve trails for the community!
Last updated 1/6/2017