• We are now carrying Ride Height Adjustable Struts for 1st and 2nd gen Tacoma trucks! <a href='/suspension/shock-equip'>Click for more info</a>
  • We are happy to bring back our Billet Wheel Spacers! Now offering the most common thickness. <a href='/axle/wheel-spacers/billet-toyota-wheel-spacers'>Click for more info</a>
  • With all the awesome snow wheel'n, now is a great time to put out Updated Fairlead to work for you! <a href='/accessories/recovery-parts/hawse-fairlead'>Click for details</a>
  • We now have a full set of USA Made Aircraft-grade Billet Aluminum R-series Shift Forks. <a href='/transmission/shifter-parts'>Find them here!</a>
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Walking The Crawler up<br />Cadillac Hill in 11th gear
Walking The Crawler up
Cadillac Hill in 11th gear
2017 Event Calendar

We were there, were you?

Come join us!
Lock N Low Feb Meeting (Feb 2)
King Of The Hammers (Feb 6)
F4WD Feb Meeting (Feb 14)
CAL4WD Convention (Feb 18)
4X 4HIM Feb Meeting (Feb 21)
Lock N Low Mar Meeting (Mar 2)
Kingsburg Snow Run (Mar 4)
CVC Mar Meeting (Mar 7)
RTF Black Tie & Boots (Mar 11)
F4WD Mar Meeting (Mar 14)
Arizona Off-Road Expo (Mar 18)
4X 4HIM Mar Meeting (Mar 21)
AZ ROCKS (Mar 24)
41st Mud-N-Yer-Eye Frolic (Apr 29)
Bako LC Rally (Apr 29)
Cruise Moab (May 4)
F4WD Blue Canyon Poker Run (May 19)
29th Annual Rubithon (Jun 23)
Moonlight Madness (Jun 24)
PMC Swap Meet (Jul 8)
Rock Hopper Round-Up (Aug 5)
CAL4WD Sierra Trek (Aug 11)
Cantina for the Con (Sep 2)
16th Annual MCR (Sep 16)
Pamona Off-Road Expo (Sep 30)
Southern Cruiser Crawl (Sep 14)
CAL4WD Panamint Valley Days (Nov 11)
Turf-N-Surf (Nov 11)
Valley Children's Toy Drive (Dec 2)

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Marlin Crawler, Inc. | Originator of Rock Crawling (since 1994)

Local Trail Status Report

TrailStatus Expected Closing
Bald MtnOPEN
Blue CanyonOPEN
Brewer LakeCLOSEDJune 15, 2017
Coyote LakeCLOSEDJune 15, 2017
Dusy/ErshimCLOSEDAugust 1, 2017
Mirror LakeCLOSEDJune 15, 2017
Red LakeCLOSEDJune 15, 2017
Spanish LakeCLOSEDJuly 1, 2017
Strawberry LakeCLOSEDJune 15, 2017
Swamp LakeCLOSEDJuly 1, 2017
West LakeCLOSEDJune 15, 2017
We work hard to keep our local trails open for the community!
We are members of 6 different 4WD clubs and
work hard to preserve trails for the community!
Last updated 1/6/2017

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