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Marlin Crawler, Inc. (Est. April '94)

Marlin Crawler is the World Leader in Rock Crawling. We take pride in offering the best customer service and the highest quality/longest lasting parts for your Toyota 4WD truck. In addition to Toyota trucks, we build adapters and kits to adapt our products to dozens of other domestic and import applications.

How to contact us!

Business Address:
Marlin Crawler, Inc.
1543 N. Maple Ave
Fresno, CA 93703
Operating Hours:
7:00am - 5:30pm
Mon through Thurs
PST (GMT -08:00)
Phone Numbers:
Toll Free: (888) 94-CRAWL (888-942-7295)
Local: (559) 25-CRAWL (559-252-7295)
Fax: (559) 252-7294

Community Forum Support:
We have a HUGE Online Community Forum where countless Toyota gearheads are waiting to help with your question! Click here to check it out!

Customer Service Email:
Click Here to submit a Marlin Crawler product-specific question to our Customer Service team!

Please keep all calls related only to Marlin Crawler products.
Because of the high demand for our products, we need to keep phone calls related to our products. We cannot answer questions about some guy your father-in-law works with who has a truck that won't pass smog. Please search our 1-million post community for those answers. Thank you for understanding.

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I love what you do for me, MARLIN CRAWLER!
I love what you do for me, MARLIN CRAWLER!