Heavy Duty Shift Spring

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Update: Now available for one-piece Land Cruiser Transfer Cases!

This shift spring is an optional upgrade part for your transfer case that provides a stronger engagement and a better overall shift feel. Additionally, by applying more pressure on the shift detent, this spring decreases the chance for an accidental or unintended gear shift.

If your transfer case is popping out of gear on the trail, then this heavy duty spring may help!

On Hilux Pickup/4Runner applications, they are easy to install from the outside without disassembly requiring only a 6mm hex socket and possibly also a small magnet to extract the stock spring. Land Cruiser applications require more work to replace as the low-neutral-high spring is located inside the case.

In general, only (1) spring is required per transfer case, which is always installed for the low-neutral-high shift rail (this is the driver's side spring on Hilux Pickup/4Runner applications). However, it is common to get (2) and replace both springs so that the shifting performance of both patterns is improved as a whole. In other words, "if you are gonna replace one, you might as well replace both!" If you have a dual case Crawl Box, then be sure to pick up an extra spring as Crawl Boxes also use (1) spring.

Be sure to add a thread sealant during reassembly such as Loctite's Hi-Tack Gasket Sealant.

Rear Shackle Hanger

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When installing longer rear springs on your Toyota the rear spring mount must be cut off and relocated. If you do not wish to reuse the stock mount these are and ideal replacement. This is a must have part if your converting 91-95 coil sprung 4Runners over to leaf springs. Uses stock Toyota spring bushings. Heavy duty design.

These are designed to use our 120mm greasable shackle bolts without the need of a shackle spacer.

USA-made, USA-steel.

UPDATED DESIGN: Now includes two drilled holes for additional plug welding!

Now sold individually to make it easier for those who only need one. We pre-weld the shackle tube to the frame bracket and ship each Hanger unpainted and ready to weld on!

Tube width: 2-3/8", Tube I.D. designed for use with our Small Spring Bushings.

Please order Quantity (2) for two Shackle Hangers.

Tie Rod Ends

On Sale! $26.10

In 1994 Marlin Crawler became the first company to use these beefy 23mm tie rod ends for steering setups on Pickups and 4Runners!

Marlin Crawler Heavy Duty tie rod ends are very beefy at up to a 6mm larger thread diameter than stock resulting in 83% more strength for extra insurance on and off the road!

Pre-greased and ready to bolt-in and go!

Includes one each of the following:

  • 23mm Tie Rod End
  • Castle Nut
  • Cotter Pin

Please note these will only fit oversized tubing tapped for 23x1.50mm TREs, such as our Heavy Duty USA-made D.O.M. Marlinks used in our Marlink Kit and High Steer Kits. Left- and right-hand Jam nuts sold separately here.

Please specify Right- or Left-handed thread below.

Hawse Fairlead

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SKU: MCHT-1131

This is our new updated Hawse Fairlead! Made in the USA from strong yet lightweight 6061-T6 billet USA aluminum, this is a great addition to any winch bumper.

Fairlead measures 2.7-inches tall, 3/4-inch thick, and has a low profile design for an improved approach angle. Bolt center is 10-inches wide, overall length is 11.5-inches.

Anodized black with CNC machined "Marlin Crawler" text.

Includes mounting hardware for a quality final installation.

Electric Locker Motor Guard

Marlin Crawler E-Locker Motor Guard, new updated design!Marlin Crawler E-Locker Motor Guard, new updated design!Marlin Crawler E-Locker Motor Guard, new updated design!New Updated design with side motor protection!
On Sale! $44.10

NEW Updated Design featuring motor wrap-around protection!

Engaging your electric locking differential can enable your truck to conquer some pretty tough trails. Make sure the rocks don't cripple your expensive motor assembly by running an electric locker motor guard! Made in the USA from USA Steel, these locker guards will take many years of abuse while protecting your precious equipment.

Applications include FJ80 High Pinion E-Lockers and Tacoma/4Runner/FJ Cruiser rear axle E-Lockers. Note: These guards do not fit 2012 FJ Cruiser rear locker motors.

Crossmember Mount, HD

On Sale! $71.25
Installation Notes
Double check the lower four threaded holes with an 8x1.25mm tap to clean out any paint. Installation Notes

As you have probably already discovered, off roading places heavy abuse on many parts of your truck that don't get abused when your truck is driven "normally". One such part is your stock transfer case mount. The stock mount has a soft rubber block and bolts between your transfer case and it's cross member. It has a tendency to do one of two things: 1) Flex to much allowing your shifters to interfere with the cab, or even worse, 2) fatigue and rip in half! Don't get caught in the middle of the trail, in the middle of nowhere, with a transmission & transfer case flopping around!

To help avoid such a situation, Locktup 4x4 has created a heavy duty transfer case mount for Toyota trucks and is providing them to us in powder-coated Marlin Crawler Red! This new design replaces the soft & weak OEM rubber with longer lasting USA-made urethane round bushings. These bushings will not split and fail on you, eliminating such worries associated with stock mounts.

In addition, the mounts are USA-made with thick, high quality USA-steel plates that are laser cut and CNC formed for the best fit & finish possible. The welds are high quality; Not some cheap imported mount!

Another trick feature to this mount: If you need to remove your transfer case or transmission, now you only need to remove the two bolts from the bushings to pull the cross member down! This is much better than having to remove the 4 hard-to-get-to and easy-to-strip bolts that engage in the cross member.

Direct replacement of your 1979-95 gear drive transfer case mounts and 1982-95 4-cylinder cross members. Fully compatible with all aftermarket cross members that use stock t/case mounts. Direct replacement with the same mounting height as the stock mounts. Please note they do not work with chain drive transfer cases such as those found behind automatics and G58 5-speed transmissions.

Crossover Steering Stabilizer

On Sale! $80.10

During a crossover steering conversion, the stock steering stabilizer is discarded. This kit mounts a new heavier duty stabilizer shock between the frame rail and the drag link, which keeps the shock up high and out of the reach of those pesky rocks.

Kit features a larger (9.25" stroke) and stronger shock, drag link mount and weld on frame mount. Frame mount is an assembled block and is easily welded to frame.

This stabilizer can also be mounted to the tie rod in a standard steering configuration (non-crossover). Simply remove the stock steering stabilizer and grind off its mount from the front of your axle and weld the included mount to your axle near the same location (instead of the frame). This is perfect when used with our Heavy Duty Marlink tie rod which lacks a stock steering stabilizer mount provision.

The included u-bolt mount kit is designed to fit a 1.25" steering linkage.

Heavy Duty Knuckle Gusset Kit

Heavy Duty Knuckle Gusset KitHeavy Duty Knuckle Gusset Kit, TopHeavy Duty Knuckle Gusset Kit, Bottom
On Sale! $84.55

This is our new & exciting Heavy Duty Knuckle Gusset Kit! What separates our new Heavy Duty Knuckle Gusset Kit from the rest?

• Full Stop-to-Stop Bracing

In the past, small add-on plates have been used to cap off the steering stop. We've now integrated the knuckle gusset itself with the steering stops.

• Four Braces Instead of Two

In the past we only used single braces on the top and bottom mounted perpendicular to the axle housing. Our new design features four braces to better spread the load and increase load rating.

• Angled Bottom Edge

The sharp edges of the old single perpendicular-mounted bottom brace were just crying for attention from rocks. Our new heavy duty design ramps the two bottom braces with a rounded edge for better functionality + strength.

• Full Ball-to-Spring-Perch Support

The upper plates extend to the spring perch where they are welded for full leaf spring to knuckle support!

• Compatible with Coil Over & Air Shocks

We've left enough room to fit common coil over and air shocks to the upper gusset.

• Made In The USA with High Quality USA Steel

We are a long-time supporter of Made In USA with high quality and long lasting USA steel.

Kit includes enough pieces to install on both sides of a 1979-85 Pickup/4Runner axle housing: one kit fits one truck. More pictures & discussion here!

Bilstein 5100 Ride Height Adjustable Tacoma Front Strut, 2nd Gen

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SKU: MCSU-3412

We are excited to offer Bilstein's 5100-series Adjustable Ride Height Front Struts for your 2005-2014 2WD PreRunner and 4WD Tacoma!

These struts are designed for front coilover suspension systems and feature multiple snap ring grooves to position the spring seat at 0" (stock), 1.25", or 2.50" higher up the strut body than stock. The result is a final ride height front adjustment from 0" to 2.50" higher than stock for improved tire and ground clearances as well as leveling your front with your rear suspension. This is a great alternative to coil spacers because the shock is designed with a full range of operation regardless of the position used.

This is also an inexpensive alternative to a fully threaded type strut body, and features Bilstein's famous monotube design backed by a Lifetime Warranty. Also uses the same self-adjusting deflective disc valving used in every other Bilstein shock we carry for superior ride compliance.

Simply replace your factory strut/shock while maintaining your factory coil spring. Race inspired with an oversized self-adjusting digressive piston and valved specifically for the 1st gen Tacoma. Put Bilstein's high pressure nitrogen gas performance to use in your truck today!

Install notes: Keep in mind that raising or lowering your front suspension will alter its camber, toe, and caster measurements. Therefore we recommend getting your front suspension re-aligned, especially if the ride height changes, and after any successive ride height adjustment. Bilstein does not recommend using these in conjunction with big coil spacers and neither do we. Regardless, the factory upper control arms (UCA) can only take around 2.75 to 3-inches of total lift gain. Any higher and you'll need to run aftermarket UCAs in order to regain the ability to set factory alignment settings.

Sold separately. Qty 2 required per vehicle.

Optimus LED Driving Light Kits

Optimus LED Driving LightsOptimus LED Driving Light, Back SideOptimus LED Driving Light Kit Wiring Harness
On Sale! $227.05

We are excited to offer Vision X's Optiums LED Driving Light Kits!

These compact 3-inch rectangular 10-watt LED driving lights are unlike anything we've seen before. Powered by Vision X's patent-pending IRIS Reflector and Prime Drive circuitry, these lights have higher output and higher reliability compared to other similar sized units. An internal digital thermal manager protects from overheating while providing an unmatched size-per-wattage output of 602-lumens and 693-feet of useable light (10-degree version). Then, if this wasn't enough, Vision X integrated an on-board PWM dimmer circuit so you can power the lights on and off with style.

Driving Kit Includes:

  • Two 3-inch 10-watt Optimus Driving Lights
  • Plug-n-play wiring harness
    • Switch & Relay
    • Waterproof German connectors
  • Mounting bracket with hardware
    • Tilt, Pivot, and Height adjustments
  • Wiring diagram & Instructions

Technical Features:

• Effective Lumens: 602 lm
• Voltage: 11-32 V
• Wattage: 10
• Amperage (at 12V): 0.83 A
• Operating Temp: -40 F to 185 F
• LED Lifespan: 50,000 hrs
• Width: 2.9"
• Height: 3.1"
• Depth: 3.8"
• Weight (each): 1.37 lb
• Vibration Rating: 15.6 G
• IP Rating (toughness): IP-68

Constructed with a waterproof powder-coated durable aluminum housing and a thick polycarbonate lens, we recommend these driving lights for Off Road use due to their great construction and high performance. They are ready to light your path no matter how rough the ride gets!

Available as a 10- or 20-degree spot beam for exceptional light depth, or a 60-degree beam for an excellent flood pattern. Sold as a complete driving light kit.

V6 IFS Front Brake Caliper, New

100% Brand New Caliper, Driver side100% Brand New Caliper, Passenger side
On Sale! $236.55


    Add (1) Right Caliper and (1) Left Caliper to your cart and then enter the discount code CaliperCombo during checkout to receive an instant 10% off the pair!

We are now offering 100% brand-new Japanese made Front Brake Calipers for 1986-95 IFS & Upgraded Live Axle applications.

These are the desirable late model Toyota Hilux Pickup/4Runner large four piston calipers that include extra ribbing for added cooling and strength. They may be combined with our oversized live axle rotors to upgrade your 1979-85 solid live axle to a vented rotor setup perfect for handling larger than stock tires.

Includes new retaining hardware. Brake pads sold separately.

Note: These calipers may require wheel spacers when used on 1979-85 solid front axles depending on your wheel design. It is possible to grind the caliper to clear the wheel, however we generally do not recommend this.

Land Cruiser Crawler Gears

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SKU: MCTC-1131

We are pleased to release the newest addition to our growing line of low range gear reduction options: Our new 80- & 100-series Land Cruiser Crawler Gears! These gears are Made In Japan and replace your stock 2.488:1 low range ratio with a 3.12:1 Marlin Crawler ratio! The end result is a 25% gear reduction for your FJ80, FZJ80, or 100-series Toyota Land Cruiser to improve its Rock Crawling ability!

3.12:1 Gear Set: What's Included?
  • 1 - Differential Low Speed Gear
  • 1 - Idler Low Speed Gear

No replacement bearings, seals, or gaskets required. Installation is simple to accomplish using standard hand tools, shop press, bearing splitter, and grinder. Requires silicone, thread sealant, and replacement gear oil. Your automatic transmission fluid does not need to be changed. Please see our online walk-through on how to install these gears into your Land Cruiser.