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Lockers have played a vital role in off-roading long before Marlin & Rock Crawling came around. If Crawler gearing is essential for maximum control and predictability, then lockers are essential for maximum traction on uneven terrain.

Toyota Grizzly Locker

Grizzly Locker

The Grizzly Locker is an automatic locker that replaces the entire carrier assembly. It is the strongest automatic locker we offer. Using modern technology, the Grizzly Locker is designed from the ground up with a patent-pending internal locking mechanism providing unmatched strength. It's advanced design has resulted in a robust yet easy-going product. Compared to other automatic lockers, the Grizzly Locker has a softer engagement/disengagement thanks to a freely-rotating component design complete with an improved teeth engagement profile. Comes with a one year unconditional warranty!

Toyota Zip Air Lockers

Zip Air Locker

The Zip Air Locker is a selectable locker similar in design to the ARB Air Locker (listed below), but at a more competitive price. The Zip Air Locker is based on a proven design that Marlin has used since the late 1980's, featuring a strong forged nodular case with high-nickel 4320 Chromoly steel internals for excellent strength and durability. The Zip Air Locker works with air pressure and fully locks or unlocks your differential at the flip of a switch. Includes a complete installation kit and works with a variety of air delivery systems. Recommended for any type of Rock Crawler. Comes with a two year unconditional warranty!

Toyota ARB Air Locker

ARB Air Locker

The ARB Air Locker is a selectable locker that replaces the entire carrier assembly. Made in Australia, ARB has an extensive reputation for making high quality products that have been featured in all levels of off roading. Developed in the early 1980s, the ARB Air Locker uses air pressure to engage and fully lock both drive axles for maximum traction. The locker is operated by an interior mounted switch. On board air is required as well as solenoid and switch wiring.

Toyota Spartan Locker

Spartan Locker

The Spartan Locker is an automatic "drop-in" locker, meaning that it installs into your factory carrier assembly rather than replacing it. Like the Grizzly, the Spartan Locker is an improvement upon older designs. Made in the USA, it features a revolutionary spring-and-pin design that makes it stronger than other drop-in lockers. Due to its compact and simple design, the Spartan rivals more expensive lockers. Additionally, "drop-in" lockers provide affordable traction without the need of a professional installation. However, it is only recommended for lighter vehicles with 35" or smaller tires.

Toyota Positraction / Limited Slip Locker

Dura Grip Locker

The Dura Grip is a limited-slip locker that is aggressive yet uses an internal clutch that limits torque transfer to the tire with the most traction. This greatly reduces the chances of breaking an axle shaft or CV joint. It is made from forged 4320 steel and is 100% rebuildable, so you can change spring rates or repair normal wear without having to replace the entire unit. Limited-slip lockers are a safer option for on-road use, yet provide traction to get out of mild mud, sand, or snow.

Toyota Spool Locker

Spool Locker

This is the Yukon Spool Locker. Yukon builds the strongest and longest lasting spool lockers we've ever seen. Made from high quality 4130 Chromoly steel, we firmly believe this is the strongest and longest lasting spool locker on the market today. The Yukon Spool Locker features a solid, one-piece construction that transfers 100% power to both tires at all times. This is a simple and inexpensive way to lock up your differential for maximum traction. Please note that we do not recommended spool lockers for on-road use. Please read the notes in the Spool Locker section above for more information.

Toyota Detroit Locker

Detroit Locker

The Detroit Locker is an automatic locker that replaces the entire carrier assembly. Made in the USA by Eaton, the history of the Detroit Locker can be traced back to 1941. Many of today's automatic lockers are based on it's time-proven principles. It has stood the test of time and can be found all across the globe. Many people consider the Detroit to be the end-all solution for automatic lockers, however it now has a serious challenger in the more advanced Grizzly Locker.

Toyota Detroit Locker

Truetrac Locker

The Truetrac is an automatic-type helical-gear style, limited-slip differential that maximizes wheel traction and enhances driving characteristics. Maintenance-free, it features smooth, automatic operation in forward and reverse. Its versatility makes Truetrac the ideal traction solution for almost any type of vehicle.

Toyota Lock Right Locker

Lock Right Locker

The Lock Right Locker, like the Spartan, is an automatic "drop-in" locker. Over the years it has proved to be a reliable and inexpensive source of traction, however, like the Detroit, it is based on out dated technology. Regardless, the Lock Right has been used by our own employees with success. Drop-in lockers are easy to install and do not require professional assistance. The Lock Right is a good choice for light weight vehicles with tire sizes 35" and smaller.

Toyota Electric Locker TRD

Toyota Electric Locker

The Toyota Electric Locker is a selectable locker that replaces the entire third-member and may require axle housing modifications. Made by Toyota and offered on 1993 & newer model trucks, the "E-Locker" uses an electric motor and worm drive assembly to engage or disengage the locker via a shift fork and collar. It is a proprietary design that is not compatible with open differential components. Therefore we can only offer this locker fully assembled as shown in the picture. It is a reliable and popular choice and is offered in standard or high pinion configurations. Axle housing modification and custom wiring is required for trucks that were not originally equipped with an E-locker from the factory. Please click the image for more information.