Release Bearing, 1981-89 4cyl

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Release Bearing for 1981-89 4cyl Hilux and 4RunnersClutch Release Bearing Location

We run Japanese-made Nachi or KOYO release bearings in our personal rigs, so why would we offer you anything less?

Changing your release bearing is something you definitely don't want to do tonight after dinner. So run what Toyota recommends: Nachi release bearings!

Trying to cut cost on a cheaper non-Japanese release bearing is like buying a Kia and expecting a Lexus.

This clutch release bearing fits all 4cyl 1981-88 Pickups and 4cyl 1984-89 4Runner models.

Specifically, L50/52, G52/54, W56-A/B, and R151F transmissions.

Bearing Installation Tip: The bearing must be pressed onto the collar with the rounded face facing the pressure plate, and the flat face facing the collar. If the bearing is pressed on backwards, then the force from the pressure plate will deform the outer race causing both races to contact the pressure plate resulting in premature failure to both components. It's easy to do correctly: Just make sure you cannot read the bearing part number once the bearing is pressed onto the collar.

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