V6 IFS Front Brake Caliper, New

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100% Brand New Caliper, Driver side100% Brand New Caliper, Passenger side
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We are now offering 100% brand-new Japanese made Front Brake Calipers for 1986-95 IFS & Upgraded Live Axle applications.

These are the desirable late model Toyota Hilux Pickup/4Runner large four piston calipers that include extra ribbing for added cooling and strength. They may be combined with our oversized live axle rotors to upgrade your 1979-85 solid live axle to a vented rotor setup perfect for handling larger than stock tires.

Includes new retaining hardware. Brake pads sold separately.

Note: These calipers may require wheel spacers when used on 1979-85 solid front axles depending on your wheel design. It is possible to grind the caliper to clear the wheel, however we generally do not recommend this.