Marlin Crawler, Inc. (Est. April 1994)

Marlin Crawler is the World Leader in Rock Crawling. We take pride in offering the absolute highest quality and longest lasting parts for your Toyota 4WD truck. But it doesn't stop there. We build adapters and kits to adapt our products to dozens of domestic and import applications.

Marlin Crawler's Mission

Provide high quality & unique rock crawling and competition parts by building innovative and reliable products that meet our customer's needs.

In order to achieve this mission, our actions are guided by the following five values:

Marlin Crawler's Values

Continuous Improvement - Both in products and in staff

Industry Leading Knowledge - Employees are highly knowledgeable in Toyota Rock Crawling & Truck building

Natural Attitude - Our innovation stems from our Natural Rock Crawling Attitude

High Performance Service - Industry leading parts and knowledge requires industry leading service

Proactive - We identify and create opportunities to lead our employees to create the future we envision

Marlin Crawler's Passion

Old Dusy/Ershim
Marlin in the mid-1980s before he put Toyota's "On The Map"
Dropping down Whales Back, circa 1984 (Dusy-Ershim trail, CA)
New Dusy/Ershim
Here is Marlin dropping down the same Whales Back,
same truck, nearly 30 years later (Dusy-Ershim trail, CA)

Widely accredited as the founder of "Rock Crawling", we are a team comprised of more than a dozen Toyota gear heads who work together to bring the best in products and services to meet your Toyota's needs. Specializing in Toyota Drivetrain components, we also offer a very broad range of genuine Toyota replacement parts, in-house manufacturing, custom services available for off-road, competition courses, desert race tracks, and high Supra drag/race cars.

Our products have been featured in all major magazines including CRAWL, FOUR WHEELER, Petersen's 4 Wheel & Off-Road, 4 Wheel Drive & Sport Utility, 4WD Toyota Owner, and Toyota Trails. Our products have survived the King Of The Hammers an event record 6 times and counting, W.E. Rock and Pro Rock Formula Toy National Champion 2007, 2008, and 2009, twice through the BAJA 1000, numerous SCORE desert race events, numerous stadium truck events, as well as street racing where our extremely reliable transmissions and components can be found in track-prepared and drag-prepared Supra race cars.

Our Company's average Crawl Ratio is 383.6:1

No other company fulfills your truck's true Rock Crawling needs!

Company Directory     (Click on an Employee for more information)

Marlin "Crawler" Czajkowski

Imaginative Genius / CEO
Crawl Ratio: 1,148:1

Michael "BigMike" Czajkowski

Crawl Ratio: 511:1

Christine "CLC" Czajkowski

Vice President

Dave "CruzrDave" Carnahan

Operations Manager
Crawl Ratio: 223:1 (new rig!)

Chris "crazywb" Jordan

Crawl Ratio: 228:1

Zack "Goldrush" Van Antwerp

Crawl Ratio: 270:1

Rocky Gleason

Crawl Ratio: 228:1

Chris "FloRunner" Haldeman

Crawl Ratio: 217:1

Tim "TURBO" Collins

Crawl Ratio: 219:1

Chee "stupidfast" Vue
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