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Gear Drive 4cyl 1979-95 Hilux/4Runner

Transfer Case Bolt Pattern Adapters

These adapter plates convert the bolt pattern behind your transmission so you may attach a 1979-95 RF1A Gear Drive T/Case (or Crawl Box) instead of a Chain Drive T/Case.

Below is CruzrDave's Marlinized 1990 Hilux using our 3.0-liter 6-cylinder
T/C Bolt Patter Adapter & Dual Ultimate Marlin Crawler 4-cylinder transfer case setup.

Marlin Crawler Dual Case Explained

Watch as BigMike explains how our Dual Transfer Case System works
at the 2017 FJ Summit in Ouray, Colorado (conversation begins at the 50-second mark)

580:1 Triple Case TacoBox Demonstration