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Marlin Crawler is proud to be the world-leader in Yukon differential sales and installs for Toyota trucks. We setup and install more Yukon Performance Ring and Pinion gears and lockers than anyone else. Yukon products match the same high quality standards that we demand for our personal Rock Crawlers.

Toyota Yukon Differential Ring and Pinion Gear Set

In addition to Yukon gears, we are now offering our own Ring and Pinion product line known as...

Marlin Crawler NINJA GEARS!

Marlin Crawler Ninja Gear Ring and Pinion
Marlin Crawler Ninja Gears are...
  • Hammers Proven
  • Rubicon Proven
  • Moab Proven
  • Fordyce Proven
  • Katemcy Rocks Proven
  • Panamint Valley Proven
  • Dusy/Ershim Proven
  • Pismo Beach Proven
  • Hollister Hills Proven
  • Ocotillo Wells Proven

Our new R&P gear sets are approved by Marlin and sold in limited ratios. They are designed like a Ninja to be Quiet and Effective! Equally as strong as any other ring and pinion gear set we've sold, they have now proven themselves through the many sets we've installed!

Looking to change your Ring & Pinion ratio & are unsure what to use? Factors include how much stop-and-go, flat highway, or mountain use your truck sees. In generally, 33" tires go well with 4.56:1 or 4.88:1, 35" tires go well with 4.88:1 or 5.29:1, and 37" tires or larger go well with 5.29:1. We do carry a 5.71:1 ratio for certain applications, however it is weak and is typically not recommended.

Curious how changing your Ring & Pinion ratio will affect your engine and truck's highway speeds? Use our below calculators to get an idea of the characteristics with your new R&P setup:

Engine RPM Calculator

Tire Size
Transmission Gear
Truck Speed
Engine RPM

Truck Speed Calculator

Tire Size
Transmission Gear
Engine Speed
MPH Truck Speed

Note: Be sure to double-check your tire's actual height. Your 35" tires may only measure 34-inches tall! If needed, we have a transmission ratio chart here.