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World's First and Only Rock Crawling Clutch Kits!

Marlin Crawler's Clutch Kits are truly unique, designed with the off-roader in mind. Developed in the late 1980s, we are the only source of hybrid clutch kits that offer high performance without harshness, so you can still feel your toes when you make it into camp from a long day on the trail.

A kit designed for the Rock Crawler: When developing his own unique kit, Marlin found that over-the-counter pre-packaged kits either do not hold up to a fully loaded rig with large tires aired down for prolonged trail use, or they were so far over the top that they are difficult to slip while Rock Crawling and wear your legs out on long rocky trails.

Our unique kits derive components from four different manufactures that are custom designed to Marlin's own specifications. Stronger, more durable, more robust, and longer-lasting than stock components. Ideal for daily driven Rock Crawlers: We build clutch kits people tell their friends about!

Put our three decades of Rock Crawling Clutch Experience to work!

Individual Clutch Components

Marlin Crawler F-Toy in the Little Sluice
Here is our Formula Toy with our 1,600 lb clutch kit
For times when you are most grateful to have our reliable clutch components!
Sluice Box, Rubicon Trail, July 2005