Rebuilt Manual Transmission

Toyota Transmission Application Table

Model Year Model Year Model Year Model Year
L43 1979-80 (20R) G52 8/1983-5/85 (22R) W56-B 1986-88 (22R-E) W59 1995-04 (2/3RZ-FE)
L45 1981-82 (22R) G54 6/1985-88 (22R) W56-C 1989-91 (22R-E) R151F 1986-87 (22R-TE)
L50 1981-82 (22R) G58 1989-95 (22R-E) W56-D 1992 (22R-E) R150F 1988-95 (3VZ-E)
L52 1983 (22R) W56-A 1985 (22R-E) W56-E 1993-95 (22R-E) R150F 1995-04 (5VZ-FE)

Transmission Rebuilt Manual Transmission

Rebuilt Manual Transmission

W56-A, -B, C? D...?
      These letters are not used by Toyota, so where did they come from? Back in the mid 90s Marlin realized he needed a better way to distinguish between the many different W56 transmissions Toyota used from 1985-95. After having compiled the world's first and only RF1A Transfer Case Bible, Marlin created the now highly popular letter designations for the W56 transmission. The rest as they say is history!

Watch as our Competition Series R150R 2WD RACE transmission gets
put to the Ultimate test by the FireGuys Racing Team!

Testing in Grand Junction, CO:

  Racing in Wendover, Nevada: