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Welcome to Marlin Crawler!

Thank you for registering with us! We are dedicated Toyota enthusiasts who design and build unique, high quality products for both on-road and off-road applications. We'd like to mention two things first:

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Thank you and we hope to help you reach your goals soon! Regards, Marlin Crawler Sales Team Get your truck built and get out on the trail with us!

Marlin founded the Rock Crawling Industry by enabling Toyota trucks a Final Drive Ratio greater than 100:1. Marlin gave this crazy-low ratio a new name called "Crawl Ratio". Click here to read more about our history!

Today, we are active in much more including Desert Racing, Drift, and Closed Course Competitions!

Marlin and The Crawler Truck: The tandem that started it all!
Panamint City, Panamint Valley, California, 1994

Marlin and The Crawler Truck, Panamint City, 1994

Today, this same 1980 Toyota pickup has a Crawl Ratio of 1,372:1