Super Low Profile Magnetic Drain Plug

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This is our NEW Super Low Profile Magnetic Drain Plug with an extended magnet for extra service life of your drivetrain components!

Includes 1 x Drain Plug and 1 x Gasket of your choice:

  • Choose an Aluminum Gasket if you are using this drain plug with an aluminum housing such as an aluminum transmission or transfer case.

  • Choose a Steel Gasket if you are using this drain plug with a steel or cast iron housing such as a L-series cast iron transmission or a steel axle housing.

Magnet extends 15.5mm (approx 5/8"). Overall total length of drain plug from Allen head face to end of magnet is 34.75mm (approx 1-3/8").

IMPORTANT: It is up to you to verify if the extended length interferes with internal rotating parts. We will not be responsible if an internal component contacts and breaks off the magnet causing internal damage.

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