Total Spline Input Gear

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Marlin Crawler Total Spline Input GearMarlin Crawler Total Spline Input Design

Marlin Crawler's Exclusive Total Spline™ 23-spline 2.28:1 transfer case input gear, the strongest 23-spline input gear in the world, period. This will convert a 21-spline 1979-1995 4-cylinder transfer case to a 23-spline version so that the stronger 5spd R150F (3.0L V6) and R151F (2.4L Turbo I4) transmissions may be used. Fits any gear driven t/case 1979-1995. Factory 2.28:1 Gear Ratio.

This is the strongest 2.28:1 input gear in the world.

Total-Spline™ Technology

Heat Treated Chromoly Steel

Full-length Spline Engagement

Addresses one of the weakest parts of your t/case

Minimizes Dual Case Coupler wear, combats strip-outs

We challenge you to find a stronger input gear!

Build your transfer case right the first time, and put your tools away!