Push N Turn Shifter Base Kit

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New Push-N-Turn Top Shift Base KitRetainer, partly-installedServicable PivotsIntegrated Oil Slinger
SKU: MCTC-5351

Marlin Crawler is happy to bring back our USA-made Gear Drive Transfer Case Top Shift Base Kit!

We haven't just brought back an old product, but we've redesigned many aspects of this kit making it without question the best Shifter Base design in the world!

New Features:

  • Push-N-Turn Retainer with Integrated Lock
    1979-95 top-shifting
    4cyl Gear Drive T/Case
    • World's First Push-N-Turn Handle Retainer Kit
    • NO MORE Toyota c-clip!
    • Integrated Lock 'snaps' retainer into place
    • Retainer cannot accidentally fall off during assembly
    • Machined from DOM pipe, Knurled, and Electroplated
    • Easiest shifter installation & removal ever
    • No tools required, no hurting your fingers
    • Simple to install using one hand
    • Does not interfere with boot
    • Backwards compatible with factory Toyota retaining clip

  • Serviceable Stainless 10.9-grade Pivot Bolts
    • World's First serviceable t/case shift base!
    • No more undersized and weaker roll pins
    • Loctited and fully sealed design
    • No more packing silicone into hallow roll pins!
    • No more pivot pin leaks!
    • No fear of roll pins falling off or into t/case!

  • Integrated Oil Slinger
    • World's First one-piece design
    • Half as many surfaces to seal
    • Height thickness accounted for in base design
    • Never damage a flimsy oil slinger again
    • Never forget an oil slinger again

  • Marlin Crawler laser etching identifies orientation
    • No more confusion
    • Yes, people ask which way a t/case base should be installed

  • Additional notes
    • OEM Toyota parts out of production since 1988
    • With inflation, combined OEM parts cost nearly $100
    • Included with every T/Case or Crawl Box we build
    • Difficult to find good used 35 to 44 year old cast iron factory bases
    • Our parts will never rust
    • Provides an easier and quicker option of adding gear oil through the shifter hole
      • Push-N-Turn design makes annual oil changes a piece-of-cake!
      • Oil fill from top reduces oil dispersion time between dual and triple cases

100% of this kit is Made In The USA: Marlin Crawler Red Anodized and Laser-etched Billet Aluminum base, electroplated DOM Push-N-Turn Retainer, custom-made stainless-steel 10.9 Pivot Bolts, and 8.8-grade hardware.

Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers

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