30-Spline Chromoly Rear Output Shaft

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Proven 30-spline Marlin Crawler Design: 2-time National Formula Toy Champion and World-Record 6-time King Of the Hammers Top 25 finisher!

Our Toyota 1979-95 gear drive transfer case output shaft is the only RF1A shaft to feature 30-splines. It features an 52.3% larger cross section compared to the stock output, and it is made from super strong heat treated Chromoly steel. The increased spline count helps spread the load through our 135% thicker "4-30" HD flange. Additionally, our output shaft retains the factory oil pump so daily drivers can take part in the torque fest and we include an oversized version of our world famous EcoSeal rear output seal to keep your rig and the environment clean.

Kit includes everything you need to convert your rear output shaft to our massively oversized 30-spline Chromoly shaft:

    • 30-Spline Heat Treated Chromoly Output Shaft
    • 52.3% Larger Cross Sectional Area
    • "4-30" 30-Spline 4-Pattern Heavy Duty Drive Flange
    • Oversized Japanese Nachi Output Bearing
    • Oversized Heavy Duty EcoSeal Rear Output Seal
    • Oversized JIS Flange Nut
    • Retains Oil Pump for Reliability and Longevity

Includes everything needed to install: Bored & oversized transfer case tail housing, oil pump, and speedometer gear, new front output drive hub, oversized bearing, "4-30" HD 30-spline flange, and chromoly 30-spline output shaft with matching flange nut. It fits any style RF1A gear drive transfer case, top or forward shift, 21- or 23-spline, stock gears or aftermarket gears.

Exclamation! This product requires a $75 refundable core charge on your stock tail-housing.