30-Spline Chromoly Front Output Shaft

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Proven 30-spline Marlin Crawler Design: 2-time National Formula Toy Champion and World-Record 6-time King Of the Hammers Top 25 finisher!

This is our brand new Chromoly front output shaft for all gear drive Hilux transfer cases!

Featuring our extremely successful and competition proven 30-spline shaft diameter, this Chromoly shaft is light years ahead of its stock counterpart.

Kit includes everything you need to convert your front output shaft to our massively oversized 30-spline Chromoly shaft with heavy duty parts:

    • 30-Spline Chromoly Output Shaft
    • 67% Larger Cross Sectional Area
    • "4-30" 30-Spline 4-Pattern Heavy Duty Drive Flange
    • Oversized Japanese Nachi Bearing
    • Oversized Heavy Duty EcoSeal Front Output Seal
    • Oversized JIS Flange Nut

No modifications are required to your stock housings. Simply remove your stock front output shaft and replace it with our 30-spline Chromoly front output parts.