ToyBox FJ40/FJ60 Dual Case Crawler

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ToyBox FJ40/FJ60 Dual Crawler

ToyBox Unit

This is our Rubicon proven ToyBox dual transfer case low range gear reduction system. The ToyBox is more than just a dual case adapter. It is a system that installs a Toyota pickup low range reduction unit behind 8 different transmission applications. It can be built with a 2.28:1 or a 4.70:1 reduction ratio. Available as a kit or as a completely assembled bolt in unit, it features helically cut high performance gears that we have sourced from Toyota's own gear cutter in Japan. They offer the highest level of strength while minimizing gear noise and whine.

The ToyBox is placed between your transmission and transfer case and features a 128% or 370% lower gear reduction. The rear adapter plate will enable a 3- or 4-speed style Land Cruiser one piece transfer case to bolt directly behind the proven reliability of a Toyota gear driven transfer case reduction box. The length of the ToyBox's adapter plates are 1.2" for the front, and 1.35" for the rear, creating an overall length of just 6.75" (for manual applications). Automatic applications are slightly longer. The ToyBox features a top mounted shift handle and has provisions for adding an additional crossmember mount for increased drive train support. Also, the ToyBox shares its oil with the transmission prolonging both the transmission and the ToyBox's life with cooler oil under operating temperatures.

ToyBox Power Transfer Paths
Power Transfer Paths
High Range 1.00:1
Low Range 2.28:1 Standard
Low Range 4.70:1 (Optional)

The ToyBox offers flexible gear ratio options. The standard low range is a 2.28:1, with an optional ratio of 4.70:1. The high range ratio of 1.00:1 is standard on all ToyBox setups, and when engaged, allows the power to transfer straight through the unit without any change in the vehicle's original speed.

ToyBox mated to a SM465

A typical setup with a SM420 transmission, 3-speed stock Land Cruiser transfer case, and 4.11:1 differential gearing teamed with the ToyBox's ultra low 4.70:1 low range will yield a heart stopping 314:1 Crawl Ratio. Using this same setup, other ToyBox low range gearing options are available. With the standard 2.28:1 low range, it is 153:1. We will soon offer a table of all low range gearing options.

Shown to the right is a 2.28 ToyBox mated between a SM465 and a Land Cruiser 4-Speed transfer case. In this setup, the gearing is as follows: Transmission: 6.55:1, ToyBox: 2.28:1, Transfer case: 1.96:1 This particular drive train was installed into a FJ40 with 4.88:1 differential gearing.

The end result is 3 low range ratios:

  • Using just the T/case: 63:1
  • Using just the ToyBox: 73:1
  • Using both Low Ranges: 143:1

Current Applications

The ToyBox is ready to bolt directly behind any of the following transmissions:

H41 • H42 • SM420 • SM465 • TH350 • 700R4 • T18 • NP435