Land Cruiser Crawler Gears

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We are pleased to release the newest addition to our growing line of low range gear reduction options: Our new 80- & 100-series Land Cruiser Crawler Gears! These gears are Made In Japan and replace your stock 2.488:1 low range ratio with a 3.12:1 Marlin Crawler ratio! The end result is a 25% gear reduction for your FJ80, FZJ80, or 100-series Toyota Land Cruiser to improve its Rock Crawling ability!

3.12:1 Gear Set: What's Included?
  • 1 - Differential Low Speed Gear
  • 1 - Idler Low Speed Gear

No replacement bearings, seals, or gaskets required. Installation is simple to accomplish using standard hand tools, shop press, bearing splitter, and grinder. Requires silicone, thread sealant, and replacement gear oil. Your automatic transmission fluid does not need to be changed. Please see our online walk-through on how to install these gears into your Land Cruiser.


Part Number: MCTC-1131