4.70:1 Competition Chromoly Gear Kit

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The most winning Toyota low range gear set on the planet!
  • 6-time King of the Hammers finisher
        (inaugural 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012)
  • 3-time World Extreme Rock Crawling National Champion
        (2007, 2008, and 2009)
  • 3-time ProROCK National Champion
        (2007, 2008, and 2009)
  • 1st place finisher NORRA Mexican 1,000 mile Baja Race (2013)
  • 3-years of Xtreme Rock Racing Association abuse behind a Tundra V8 powerplant!
  • Finishing in the top 3 of nearly every Toyota-based Rock Crawling
        and Rock Racing Competition

Made in Japan by Toyota's own gear cutter. Experience the success of our Competition Series Chromoly 4.70:1 Gear Kit in your very own rig!

Combining our trademark Total-Spline input technology with the best Chromoly material results in the strongest Toyota low range gear set available in the world.

4.70:1 Competition Kit includes:
1 Chromoly Total-Spline Input Gear
1 Chromoly Low Speed Gear
1 Chromoly Counter shaft
1 Japanese Input bearing
1 Japanese Counter shaft bearing
1 Full Toyota gasket and seal kit
1 Margasket special-fit front gasket
1 Heavy Duty EcoSeal t/case output seal
1 Heavy Duty EcoSeal transmission output seal

Marlin Crawler Competition Series Parts
Marlin Crawler KOH 2010

Applications: All 1979-95 Toyota gear drive transfer cases. Please see our Transfer Case Biblefor specific application information.

Total-Spline Technology

Total-Spline™ Technology is an exclusive Marlin Crawler feature. Marlin invented this technology in 2000, which improves the performance of both a Low Range Gear Set and a Dual Case Unit as it addresses critical weak-links of both products at the same time.

Two benefits in one

1. The Marlin Crawler 4.70:1 gear set is stronger than any other gear set mainly because the input is the weakest-link of the transfer case. Marlin Crawler's Total-Spline is the only design that has removed the factory "fuse" or neck-down/taper of the input gear resulting in a much stronger product than both stock or any aftermarket gear set.

The Total-Spline design offers 65% longer splines and a 15% larger minimum diameter
making it the longest lasting with the highest torque load rating available. It is the only
Toyota low range gear set in the world that addresses the problem of stripped splines.

2. Having "total" or full-length splines means that more splines are in contact with the Coupler of your Dual Case Unit. This is important because the spline contact between a t/case input and a Dual Case Coupler is the weak-link of the Dual Case Unit. Therefore, by using a Marlin Crawler Total-Spline gear set you are also minimizing the risk of stripping out the Coupler of your Dual Case Unit.

Here is a stripped out Dual Case Coupler. You can see how not all of the splines were
in contact. If a Total-Spline Marlin Crawler input had been used instead, this Dual Case
Coupler would have lasted longer.
Likewise, it would be able to withstand higher torque loads
due to the increased surface area and load spreading of a full 100% spline engagement.

Proven Performance

The Total-Spline technology is so impressive that we have successfully ran a 21-spline version in a dual cased V6 Tacoma with 220 ft-lbs of engine torque. In comparison, non-Marlin Crawler 21-spline inputs have an engine torque limit of approximately 170 ft-lbs (about 30% lower). Our 23-spline version has survived a Tundra V8-powered dual cased X.R.R.A. Competition Buggy with 315 ft-lbs of engine torque for multiple seasons without input or coupler failure. While we don't advocate using 21-spline setups in V6 rigs, the fact remains that the Marlin Crawler 4.70:1 Gear Set is seriously strong and works extra hard so you don't have to!