6cyl Pickup & 4Runner Kits (1988-1995)

6cyl Pickup & 4Runner Kits (1988-1995)

6-cylinder Pickup & 4Runner Transfer Case Setups

Installing a dual transfer case into a V6 equipped truck requires two gear driven transfer cases, as the stock chain drive case is weaker and can not be used. 2.28:1 or 4.70:1 gears can be used in any combination in the two gear driven cases. The most common choice is one set of 2.28:1 gears and one set of 4.70:1 gears, known as an Ultimate™ Crawler. When building cases for vehicles with increased torque, such as a factory V6, or an upgraded V8, two 23-spline inputs should always be used. 21-spline inputs may be substituted in the rear transfer case, however failure of the factory 21-spline input gear is certain. All applications built for a V6 or V8 setup will be built using 23-spline input shafts throughout. Floorboard and drive shaft modifications are required. The factory crossmember remains in its original position.

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4-cyl Applications

Dual Case Unit Kit

V6 Dual Crawler Kits for Gear Drive T/Case

V6 Dual t/case kit. Requires two 21-spline 4-cyl gear driven top shifting t/case cores for assembly. This kit includes two Total-Spline™ 23-spline input shafts to upgrade your 4-cylinder cores for 6-cylinder use. Includes V6 front adapter kit, dual case adapter kit, and two 23-spline input gears. Gear options include upgrading the rear transfer case to 4.70:1 (Ultimate™ Crawler) or both the crawl box and the transfer case to 4.70:1 ratios (Ultimate Overkill™ Crawler). You may also select a billet dual case adapter, which is our MC08-XD Xtreme Duty dual case adapter kit.

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Marlin Crawler V6 Unit

V6 Dual Crawler Unit for Gear Drive T/Case

This is a Crawl Box Unit for all 1988-1995 3.0-liter 3VZ-FE 4WD applications. This unit is installed between your V6 5-speed or automatic transmission and a top shifting 23-spline gear drive transfer case, not included. Because this is designed for V6 applications, we will only build it using 23-spline components. You have the option of a 2.28:1 or 4.70:1 low range gear ratio. All necessary hardware included. Includes factory shifter assembly with a Marlin Crawler Turtle Shift Knob Unit. Floorboard and drive shaft modifications are required. No core charge.

Please note you must use a 23-spline transfer case to go behind this 23-spline Crawl Box. This requires a special 23-spline input that Toyota only manufactured from 1986-1987. If you do not have a 23-spline input, then please consider our high quality 23-spline input (located at the bottom of this page). It is made from Chromoly steel and features our Total-Spline technology making it the strongest 23-spline input in the world.


Marlin Crawler V6 Dual Transfer Case Complete

V6 Dual Case Complete for Gear Drive T/Case

This Complete kit replaces your stock V6 chain drive transfer case with a dual gear drive transfer case setup. The beauty of this conversion is that the transfer case mount of the gear drive t/case, in conjunction with our front bolt pattern adapter plate, is able to mount to your original crossmember.

This dual case setup can be built as a 3-speed or 4-speed configuration. As a 3-speed, it will have a 1:1 high range, 2.28:1 low range, and 5.29:1 double low range. As a 4-speed, it will have a 1:1 high range, 2.28:1 front case low range, 4.70:1 rear case low range, or 10.7:1 double low range. This 10.7:1 transfer case setup is what we call the Dual Ultimate Crawler setup as discussed here.


Marlin Crawler Chain Drive Dual Transfer Case Unit Crawl Box

V6 Dual Crawler Unit for Chain Drive T/Case

This is our Dual Case Unit that is designed to fit between your 1988-1995 V6 transmission and stock chain drive transfer case. It is fully built and ready to be installed. Assembled with our T360 rear adapter plate and our V6 front adapter plate and all mounting hardware including a t/case mount. Includes Marlin Crawler Turtle Shift Knob and shifter. No core charges. Available in either 2.28:1 or 4.70:1 gear ratio.


Heavy Duty Transfer Case Output Shaft Kit
Below are some products that you may need during your transfer case modification.
We also offer transfer case products for...
Marlin Crawler Electric Vehicle Speed Sensor

This is our very own 3-wire, 4-pluse magnetic pulse amplifier Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) that will convert ANY Toyota vehicle with a standard 22x1.50 mechanical speedometer drive to an electronic speedometer system. We have designed it to fit a standard Toyota electric VSS plug for direct plug-n-play installation.

The applications are unlimited, converting both 4WD and 2WD 22x1.50 mechanical speedometer setups to an electronic 3-wire, 4-pulse speedometer output. Click for more info!


Crossmember Mount, Locktup 4x4

Lower gearing increases the vehicle's torque output and also the load on your drivetrain components. Transfer case mounts are especially at risk since they undergo massive stress everyday. Add some assurance to your rig with Locktup 4x4's USA-made Heavy Duty transfer case mounts with long lasting USA-made urethane bushings. This heavy duty mount will not split apart and fail like high mileage stock mounts. Laser cut and CNC formed thick steel plates provide the best fit possible, while high quality welds keep everything together.

Fits all 1979-95 gear drive transfer cases and 1982-95 4 cylinder cross members. Fully compatible with dual case crossmembers with provisions for two mounts.


OEM T/C Crossmember Mount

Toyota makes different mounts for 4cyl and V6 applications. When you upgrade your V6 to a Gear Drive T/Case, you will need a Gear Drive T/Case crossmember Mount. These Heavy Duty Toyota crossmember Mounts are Genuine Toyota, and fit all 1979-95 Gear Drive Transfer cases and 1982-95 4Cyl crossmembers. Factory new Toyota OEM part.
These Mounts only fit gear drive t-cases.


Marlin Crawler Total Spline Input Gear

Total Spline Input Gear

This is our exclusive Total Splineā„¢ 23-spline 2.28:1 transfer case input gear, the strongest 23-spline input gear in the world, period. Full-length Spline Engagement addresses one of the weakest parts of your t/case and minimizes dual case coupler wear to combat strip-out. This will convert a 21-spline 1979-1995 4-cylinder transfer case to a 23-spline version so that the stronger 5spd R150F (3.0L V6) and R151F (2.4L Turbo I4) transmissions may be used. Fits any gear driven t/case 1979-1995. Factory 2.28:1 Gear Ratio. Chromoly steel.