Pickup & 4Runner Kits (1979-1995)

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4-cylinder Pickup & 4Runner Transfer Case Setups

Installing a dual transfer case into a 4-cyl equipped truck requires moving your existing t/case back approximately 6.5 inches. The additional "Crawl Box" is installed between your transmission and t/case. All 4-cyl gear driven t/cases are 21-spline except for the 1986-87 turbo, which is 23-spline. 2.28:1 or 4.70:1 gears can be used in any combination in the two t/cases. The most common choice is one set of 2.28:1 gears and one set of 4.70:1 gears, known as a Dual Ultimate™ Crawler. When building a transfer case for 4-cyl applications, the stock 21-spline input gear can be used. When building turbo, V6 & V8 applications, we highly recommend using a larger 23-spline input in the rear t/case. Otherwise, failure of a factory 21-spline input gear is certain. Floorboard and drive shaft modifications are required. The factory crossmember remains in its original position.

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Dual Ultimate Crawler Info

A Dual Ultimate Crawler is the combining of both a dual transfer case and a 4.70:1 low range gear set.

Such a set up in a mini truck with a 3.93 first transmission gear and a 5.29:1 ring and pinion ratio, will yield an Ultimate crawl ratio of 223:1 in first gear low range. Through our experience, we consider a crawl ratio of apprx. 220:1 to be an absolutely ideal speed for any trail circumstance.

Wanna-Be Dual Ultimate Crawler

This is when someone combines a dual transfer case setup with a 4.00:1 low range gear set. A typical reduction while using 5.29:1 r'n'p then becomes 190:1. A Lower crawl ratio is desired.

Dual Ultimate Overkill Crawler

This is when one combines a dual case with 2-4.70:1 low range gear sets. A typical low range first gear ratio while using 5.29:1 then becomes 459:1. A ratio this low might only be needed in extremely rare, and possibly never to be found circumstances.


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