Dual Case Adapters

Dual Case Adapters

Our TacoBox installed in a 2002 3.4-liter Tacoma
Our TacoBox™ installed
in a 2002 3.4-liter Tacoma

Choosing a dual transfer case setup for your rig is the preferred method of building a fully capable Rock Crawler. A dual transfer case adapter is a device that adds a low range reduction gear set to your truck. It is sometimes called a double Crawler because one dual case adapter doubles the number of low range gears in your truck (your stock low range + a second low range). Likewise, two dual case adapters results in a triple Crawler. All Marlin Crawler dual case units are known as Crawl Boxes. Like the term Rock Crawling, a Crawl Box is a Marlin Crawler specific term that was coined back in 1994.


1979-1995 4cyl Hilux/4Runner

1988-1995 6cyl Hilux/4Runner, 1993-1994 T100

1995-04 Tacoma, 1995-98 T100, 1996-02 4Runner, 1999-06 Tundra

2003+ 4Runner, 2005+ Tacoma, 2007+ FJ Cruiser