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Top Shifting Marlin Crawler MC08 HDTop Shifting Marlin Crawler MC08 HD
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Please note: We are currently not offering red housings. All orders will be shipped with cleaned, sandblasted, and bare aluminum t/case housings.

Marlin Crawler was the first to bring dual transfer cases to the USA and the first in the world to bring low range gear kits to the Toyota market. As the leader in Toyota transfer cases we build the best units period. We can give you the low range, slow crawling gears your looking for.

Installing a dual transfer case into a 4-cyl equipped truck requires moving your existing t/case back approximately 6.5 inches. The additional crawl box is installed between the transmission and t/case. All 4-cyl gear driven t/cases are 21-spline except for the 1986-87 turbo, which is 23-spline. 2.28:1 or 4.70:1 gears can be used in any combination in the two t/cases. The most common choice is one set of 2.28:1 gears and one set of 4.70:1 gears, known as a Dual Ultimate Crawler. When building a transfer case for 4-cyl applications, the stock 21-spline input gear can be used. When building turbo, V6 & V8 applications, we highly recommend using a 23-spline input in the rear t/case. Otherwise, failure of a factory 21-spline input gear is certain. Floorboard and drive shaft modifications are required. The factory crossmember remains in its original position.


-- 20 forward and 4 reverse gear combinations.
-- Fits 1979-1995 gear driven transfer case applications.
-- Includes (1) EcoSeal transmission output seal and (1) EcoSeal transfer case rear output seal.
-- 4 & 5-speed application only.
-- One t/case shifter included, reuse your original shifter in second position.

Very important Gear Notes: We are able to install our 4.70:1 gear in either the Crawl Box, the Transfer Case, or both! If you wish to run the 4.70:1 gear set in the front case then it is REQUIRED to have a 23-spline transfer case gear setup. This is due to the simple fact that gears multiply engine torque, and the amount of torque generated by a 4.70:1 gear set will over come a 21-spline transfer case setup. If you wish to order an Ultimate Setup (2.28:1 + 4.70:1), then we STRONGLY recommend selecting 2.28:1 for the Crawl Box and 4.70:1 for the transfer case. We will not guarantee a 4.70:1 Crawl Box in front of a 21-spline transfer case.

Exclamation! This product requires two $400 refundable core charge, refunded upon return of two good cores.

Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers

WARNING: Products we sell can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.p65warnings.ca.gov.

Marlin Crawler Dual Case Explained

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Climbing "The Wall" at Poughkeepsie Gulch
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