V6 Adapter Plate Instructions

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V6 Transmission To Gear-driven Transfer Case

- 1988-1995 V6 5-Speed Pickup/4Runner
- 1993-2005 V6 5-Speed/Automatic T-100

1) After removing right-hand front output chain drive transfer case, grind the lower right corner of your V6 transmission as required using the supplied gasket as a template. Make sure that both dowel pins remain in the transmission to properly align the adapter plate.

2) Install the plate and gasket to the front of the replacement gear-driven transfer case, using the four "A" bolts, one "B" bolt, and one "D" bolt w/lock washer. Torque to 26-30 ft. lbs.

3) Lube the sealing lip and replace the transmission output seal.

4) Install the 23-spline coupler until it bottoms on the transmission output shaft (this is a tight fit). When properly installed, the coupler will protrude 2 1/2" from the end of the mainshaft.

5) Install the transfer case assembly and torque all bolts shown in photo below to 25-20 ft lbs. Remember to seal the lower two "B" bolts with silicone.

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