Transmission Short Throw Shifter Kit Installer

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Below are the installation instructions for our Short Throw Shift Kit for G- and R-series Transmissions.
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Troubleshooting: (this is our first entry in nearly 20 yrs of selling Short Throws)

1. Shift handle is vibrating. This is extremely rare but could occur from the following:

— Shift handle is loose. Our handles are constructed from a steel lower and aluminum upper that are threaded together. Please ensure this threaded connection is tight.
— Heavy Duty Shift Seat is not installed. Refer to Step 19.
— Heavy Duty Shift Socket is not installed. Refer to Step 21.
— Shift knob is loose. Please ensure your shift knob is tight.
— Finally, because our handle does not have a rubber dampener, normal & minor vibrations are more likely to make their way up to the shift handle, which, if constructed from a hallow or porous design, such as Delrin or plastic, could amplify normal transmission vibrations. This would only occur if you have an aftermarket shift knob as all Toyota shift knobs are designed to absorb vibrations. The sound will be minor but noticeable. This is very easy to test by removing your knob to verify if the noise has gone away. Unfortunately, there isn't much that can be done to prevent this, but luckily this is an extremely rare condition to have.

Additional photos and info:

Locking the Shift Handle
Locking the Shift Handle

Includes a breather which is an upgrade for 1995 and older 4-cylinder applications.
The breather relieves pressure and strain from the transmission's seals.

Before ... After

What customers are saying about our Short Throw kits!

  • "it didn't take very long, shifter is crisp and alot less movement ... Now I have alot of room between the shifter and the dash and it misses the t-case shifters" -GRW

  • "The shifter reduced a lot of the slop in the gear pattern and neutral positions ... the install went easy." -boomtacoma01

  • "Installed mine last night. Compared it with my coworkers '01 audi this afternoon and my throw is about an inch shorter. I failed to measure my original throw distance but the new 1st to 2nd is about 4in. I am very satisfied, it makes my 200k truck shift like brand new." -joslovandikai

  • "I bought one for my R151 and I like it. took a little time to get used to it. Nice fit and finish, easy to install, really nice. Now my Subaru shift feels like the sloppy pig shift." -4bangr

  • "The short shifter worked like a champ. I am very happy with it. I cant wait to put it to use on my next wheeling trip. Thanks for a great product." -boomtacoma01's second response

  • "I installed Short Throw Shifter Kit in my 4x4 last week Wednesday, the day it arrived at my house, and I love it! It definitely has more "BLING" then the next guy! Also, the shifter don't seem to "pop" out of first gear, unlike the original shifter that was in the trans." - DeXTer5G

  • "Just installed it. Love it." - Nation

  • "Works great! I love it. Compliments my shd clutch kit and g54 hd. Its an amazing package when its all together." - Nation's second response

  • "took it out for a spin and after a few shifts through all the gears, it's just plain excellent. there's no play whatsoever. this thing is TIGHT and feels new ... great job on the guide. the photos are perfect and the text is well-written." -photoleif

  • "Got mine installed last weekend, works great!!!!" -BigBluePile

  • "I love it! It's like a whole different tranny" -BigBluePile's second response

  • "Went for a test drive and it is TIGHT. It shifts nice and the pattern is close, what a great kit, really glad I bought it." -JohnnyCanuck

  • "she took my truck and she phoned me soon as she got to work. She can't believe how nice it is to shift, in her terms, she said it was 'like a new transmission or something' so there's her endorsement..woman stamp of approval." -JohnnyCanuck's Wife

  • "Just installed one. Super quality. Next day shipping too." -Green Truck

  • "Really nice, short throw! Been installed about six(6) months now. No/zero/zip mis-shifts or problems. ... No more banging knuckles on the dash and no more having the shifter hitting my thigh. Shifts are firm and positive. No more mushy feeling or 'floating' once in position. Nice product! $ well spent in my opinion." -ferg

  • "The install was very fast and easy, maybe 25 minutes including the console ... The difference in shifting is like night and day. I Have a Mustang with a Steeda Triax shifter and this one feels just like it, very tight and positive ... If you love driving your Toyota you need one" -NMTOY

  • "I love my R150f short throw" -Wainiha

Short Throw Benefits

When asked what the benefits are of having a Short Throw Kit for a Rock Crawler, BigMike provided the following response on YotaTech:

Practical reasons...

  • Body lift raises the cab high enough on the shift handle that your knuckles now strike your climate controls while engaging 1st, 3rd, and 5th gears.
  • You are using a RockNob or another oversized shift knob that takes up so much space that your knuckle contacts your dash.
  • Body lift raises the interior shift boot high enough on the shift handle that the shift handle's motion is restricted and difficult to engage or remain engaged in gear.
  • Engine conversion repositions shift handle in a position that interferes with dash, or seats, or console.
  • Transmission conversion repositions shift handle in a position that interferes with dash, or seats, or console.
  • Custom tunnel limits shifter movement.
  • Formula Toy or other Truggy frame bracing limits shifter movement.
  • You want to mount your CB Radio in your dash but it will stick out too far and interfere with your shift handle.
  • You've built a custom dual case triple shifter whose center handle interferes with your trans shift handle.
  • Your crossmember and/or your engine mounts are badly worn and the excessive drive train movement causes your stock handle to press up against the interior shifter boot and/or cab and pop out of gear.
  • You've installed bucket seats that elevate your sitting position and you'd like the shift handle to be 1-inch taller in the cab.
  • et cetera...

Some other reasons may be...

  • You do a lot of snow, sand, and/or mud wheeling that require quick gear changes to maintain momentum.
  • You drive an XtraCab with 120-inch plus or a CustomCab with a horrendous 140-inch plus wheelbase and are constantly making 3-point turns on the trail.
  • You have a welded or spool rear locker and are constantly making 3-point turns on the trail.
  • Your Rock Crawler is also your daily driver.
  • You've got short arms.
  • Your significant other drives your truck often and complains about the excessive throw of the stock shifter.
  • You want to have more bling than your neighbor.
  • You want to increase the resale value of your truck.
  • You want to be a bad ass.
  • You want to downshift like a boss.
  • et cetera...

Some issues this kit will remedy...

  • Your stock pins and/or ball pivot is badly worn and you have a lot of shift handle slop.
  • Your stock seat is badly worn and you have a lot of shift handle slop.
  • Your stock socket is badly worn and you have a lot of shift handle slop.
  • A previous owner bent up the handle and you'd like a better handle.
  • A previous owner installed the wrong handle with the wrong bends causing interference with objects in your cab.
  • Your shift handle boot is wasted or missing.
  • The spring in your shift handle itself is broken and the shifter often comes loose.
  • You've got a cracked shift base.
  • The threads for your shift knob are stripped out or damaged.
  • You are missing hardware on your current shifter base.
  • et cetera...

Give me a few more mins and I'll think of some more


Before and After illustration from our G- and R-series Short Throw Kit.
Shifter throw is reduced by 40% in all our Short Throw Kits.

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