Transmission Installation Notes

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Check to see that two 10mm alignment dowels are in position on engine block before installing transmission. Sometimes when the transmission is removed, the dowels can stay in transmission. If this happened use pliers to remove the dowels and reinstall them into back on the engine. Position of pins may vary with engine type. Do not send core back with pins installed.

Anytime a transmission is replaced, inspect or replace the rear engine seal, clutch, pressure plate, flywheel and pilot bearing.

4Cyl Engine shown in photo


A new shifter socket is included with each rebuilt transmission. Using pliers, remove the old seat from the end of the shifter and replace with new one. To install, place new socket on the ground. Using both hands push the shifter into socket.


Apply disc brake bearing grease to inside of release bearing and to the pivot cup on inside of fork. After installing transmission, fill transmission with GL5 80/90 wt oil. Do not over fill above fill plug on side of transmission. Change oil after first 1,000 miles. Synthetic oil designed for use with brass syncros can also be used.


Break-In Procedure:

Please note that it may take between 5,000 - 10,000 miles for your new synchros to break in. It is natural for a brand new transmission to feel stiff and rigid to shift. This stiffness will need to be worked out through a process of many miles and shifts. Remember that your transmission is designed by Toyota to work for over 200,000 miles, so a break-in period of 10,000 miles should not concern you. It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you use mineral GL5 80-90 weight gear oil during this break-in process. Synthetic gear oil is NOT recommended during the first 10,000 miles because in some cases it's advanced lubrication can prevent proper synchro break-in.