Heavy Duty Shifter Seat Installation

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Shift Seat Marks

Please follow these four easy steps to install:
1. Remove and discard your old Toyota seat and rubber insulator fully exposing the aluminum.
2. Turn our new seat upside down, and place the notches onto the pins inside the shift cover.
3. Rotate the seat around the pins and into place as shown in the animation below.
4. Apply grease to the new seat and install your shifter!

Shifter Seat Installation

That's all that's to it! Now get out and drive!

Here is a video a Toyota Supra customer of ours made (source YouTube):

Red Shifter Seat Application     White Shifter Seat Application

Style Color
1985-1988 W-series (single shifter with a square boot)
Early style R154
Most 1981+ top shift Toyota transmissions
including, but not limited to...
* 1981-83 L-series, * 1984-95 G-series, * 1989-2004 W-series,
* all 1986+ R-series, all * 2005+ RA-series
In general, this fits all 1981 and newer Toyota 2WD and 4WD
FR manual transmissions (front engine rear wheel drive),
including T100s, Tacomas, FJ Cruisers, and 4Runners, but
excluding the 1985-88 W56-equipped Hilux which uses a red seat.
* Please see application disclaimer at bottom if your model is not listed
Forward shifting style Transfer case seat
...or top shift chain drive t/case seat
Please Note: This seat is installed into the transmission shift base for all forward shifting style transfer cases, or for top shifting chain drive transfer case shift bases. Therefore, because any truck can only have at most one transmission with one forward shift transfer case handle (or one chain drive t/case), you only need to order one Blue shift seat per truck. Top shift transfer case shift handles do NOT use shift seats. So if you have a dual, triple, or even quadruple transfer case setup with the front Crawl Box configured as a forward shift, you only need to order one Blue shift seat.

If your transmission is not listed, don't despair! While we cannot guarantee if our seats will fit other applications, they have been found to fit other applications based on the bore diameter of your transmission's shifter base: Our Blue seats are designed for a 39mm bore, our Red seats are designed for a 41mm bore, and our White seats are designed for a 42mm bore.

* Application Disclaimer: If you are experimenting with a transmission we did not design our seats for, that's great! But be aware that if you order one & find it doesn't fit, you will be subject to a restocking fee if returned.