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We are now collecting demand for our up and coming Heavy Duty Toyota Rock Crawling Independent Front Suspension (IFS) System known as RCLT HD!

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SKU: MCSU-18301
Release group 1:
  2005+ Tacoma
Release group 2:
  2003+ 4Runner
  Lexus GX470
  FJ Cruiser
Release group 3:
  1995-04 Tacoma
  1996-02 4Runner

RCLT stands for Rock Crawling Long Travel, and is the very first Long Travel IFS Kit specifically designed for the Rock Crawler.

RCLT HD has many unique industry first features that puts it in a newly created market segment strong enough for Rock Crawling. Main features include...

  • Relocate front axle so far forward it necessitates a new steering system,
  • Unmatched approach angle,
  • Unmatched ground clearance,
  • Unmatched knuckle strength,
  • Unmatched steering strength,
  • Flex equal to wider LT kits yet without requiring fiberglass fenders,
  • Ability to run 37" tires without body mount modification, and
  • It’s the first IFS system that challenges the benefits of a Solid Axle Swap
For these reasons, RCLT avoids competing with existing Long Travel kits and is why RCLT is proudly Patent Pending!

Approach Angle, Ground Clearance, and Steering Strength are all serious handicaps to the IFS off-roader and RCLT greatly improves all three!

The designation of RCLT HD is as follows:

"+2 RC": Rock Crawling (RC) Capability!

  • Knuckle moved forward +2.00 inches (50.8mm)
  • Approach Angle comparable to a mild Solid Axle Swap setup
  • Target goal of fitting 37" tires without requiring body mount modification

"+2.75 LT": Extended control arms for Long Travel (LT) capability

  • +2.75 inches (69.85mm) longer per side, overall track width increase of +5.50 inches (139.7mm)
  • Greatly improved side-hill stability, ride quality, and smoothness over large objects
  • Sets the bar for a new Mid-travel Solution:
    • Exactly between the industry standard of 2 and 3.5" LT widths
    • Flex: Combined with Horizontal Ball Joints, matches or exceeds 3.5" LT articulation
    • Maneuverability: Being too wide is often detrimental for use on technical trails
    • Fenders: The articulation performance of a 3.5" LT without requiring fiberglass!

"HD": Heavy Duty (HD) Boxed design
          Including HD Knuckles and integrated HD MarRack Steering

  • Maximum strength for Rock Crawling
  • Double-sheer Horizontal Ball Joints top and bottom
  • Suspension travel no longer limited by ball joints
  • Double-sheer Steering Tie Rod connection
  • Extended height knuckle for greatly reduced bump steer and rate of camber change
    • Maintains alignment parameters for a far greater range of motion
  • Handling and ride quality vastly improved over Long Travel setups re-using factory knuckles
Put the three together and you get,

+2 RC +2.75 LT HD


  • Current design of MarRack requires cutting two holes and adding one weld
    This is the only required vehicle modification and does not affect stock rack mounts
  • Optimized ground clearance design not compatible with large diameter (old style) RCV outer CVs
    • If you have original-design RCV Ultimate Axles now, then you will have to...
      1. Upgrade to the new smaller yet stronger "Gen.2" outer CVs (new boot design!), and
      2. Swap out your inner shafts to new RCLT HD shafts (+2.75-inch, already available)
  • Retains all factory alignment hardware
    • Designed for 3° negative caster & 0° camber @ neutral alignment setting & 3.50" lift
      • Note: Available caster decreases as the truck is lifted higher
    • Aligned normally at any alignment shop or by following factory alignment procedure
  • Current design does away with sway bar resulting in increased body roll (mostly only noticed in sharp cornering) (synonymous with most Long Travel kits)
  • Compatible with factory CV joints with 2.75-inch longer inner shafts, however, we urge the use of RCV's "Gen.2" Ultimate Chromoly Axles for maximum strength and articulation (more info below)
  • Factory Bumpstops limit up-travel
    • At minimum, they should be removed and new ones fitted elsewhere
    • We recommend fabricating Air Bumps into the factory bumpstop frame brackets
      • We will offer High Quality Radflo Air Bumps and suggested installation instructions
  • Unlike a Solid Axle Swap...
    • RCLT HD may be removed and factory components reinstalled using simple hand tools
    • RCLT HD may be easily transferred from one vehicle to another
    • RCLT HD retains all factory ABS, Cruise Control, and Traction Control systems
    • RCLT HD uses OEM bearings/seals/hardware for maximum dependability & ease of service
    • RCLT HD can be aligned by any shop without special tools, instructions, or procedures
    • RCLT HD retains superior IFS handling, ride quality, and stability both on- and off-road

What will be included?

  • 2 x Boxed and internally gusseted HD Upper Control Arms (UCA)
  • 2 x Boxed and internally gusseted HD Lower Control Arms (LCA)
    • Unique Angled design for maximum ground clearance
    • Innovative weight-saving center V-Groove and inset shock mount
    • Includes a secondary shock mount
  • 2 x CNC Billet Steel (lower) plus Boxed and internally gusseted (upper) HD Knuckles
    • One-piece CNC Billet Steel Hub + Double-sheer Steering Arm + Brake Caliper Mount
  • UCAs, LCAs, and Knuckles professionally powder coated for appearance and longevity
  • 1 x MarRack HD Steering Rack with HD "Mini-Marlink" extended-length Tie Rods
  • Remaining parts necessary for complete installation
  • Full Instructions

What will be Required?

  • 17" or larger diameter Wheels
    • For the ultimate steering performance, the longer steering arm length of our RCLT HD Knuckles require at least 17" diameter wheels
  • 8" stroke or similar Long Travel-type Coilovers
    • RCLT HD is designed to be compatible with existing LT Coilovers (KING, Fox, ICON, etc)
    • RCLT features an inset lower shock mount rendering a full Coilover range of motion despite having incredible gains in ground clearance
    • We will offer High Quality Radflo Coilovers
  • +2.75-inch longer inner axle shafts
    • We will offer RCV's new "Gen.2" Ultimate Chromoly Axle Set
      • RCV already has the required RCLT HD Axle Set designed and ready for sale!
      • The strongest IFS Axles on the market with a Lifetime Guarantee against any failure with up to size 40" tires, now with an improved boot design!
      • Greatest range of motion of any CV on the market for maximum steering and suspension articulation

What's the current status?

  • Prototypes V1 and V2 have finished testing. Final prototype (V3) is currently in development...

What is the expected retail price?

More specific pricing will become available as we move closer to production. Because RCLT HD includes a pair of Heavy Duty CNC-machined Billet (lower) and Boxed (upper) Knuckles as well as a complete MarRack Heavy Duty Steering Rack with Marlinks, it is going to cost more than a typical Long Travel kit.

Additional costs include ~$1,600 for Long Travel Coilovers (if needed) and ~$2,000 for Gen.2 RCV Ultimate Axle Shafts (strongly recommended).

When to expect it's release?

Want to see more info and install pictures?

Full details and many more images available on our forum here:


Below are a couple images from our V1 Prototype

At full turn, the 315/70R17 (34.5") tires have more than 3" of unmodified cab mount clearance

If we told you this truck has a Solid Axle Swap, how likely would you believe it?

Below is BigMike's 2016 Tacoma testing V2 Prototype with 40" tires (build thread)


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