RCLT, Heavy Duty

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The only Rock Crawling HD IFS + HD Steering KitRCLT HD Components, not including full hardware kitRCLT HD One-piece Knuckle vs. Stock two-piece KnuckleRCLT HD Lower Control Arm Detail, with 1/4" thick inner platingRCLT HD Upper Control Arm Detail, with 1/4" thick inner platingTypical bushing vs. Oversized RCLT HD bushing (33% more dampening)Unmatched IFS Ground Clearance3rd gen Tacoma on 40s (@SlowestTacoma), 4th gen 4Runner on 37s (@lostinthewoodst4r)FJ Cruiser on 40s, built by @timberlineoffroad2nd gen Tacoma on 37s (@a_tracalex)5th gen 4Runner on 37s, built by De Anza Auto Repair4th gen 4Runner on 40s (@4xfredwilliams, photo by @harrysituations)

Base SKU: MCSU-181021

Attention all overlanding and off-road enthusiasts! Are you ready to take your Toyota Tacoma, 4Runner, FJ Cruiser, or Lexus GX to the next level? The Marlin Crawler RCLT HD kit is here to upgrade your front suspension and steering systems, transforming your vehicle into an off-road powerhouse. With more wheel travel, increased stability, better ground clearance, and maximum durability, you'll be able to conquer any terrain with confidence.

What sets RCLT HD apart from other long travel kits is its patented 2-inch forward geometry, replacement heavy duty & oversized knuckles (included), and integrated replacement steering rack (sold separately), providing the most durable and high-performing long travel IFS kit on the market by a wide margin. Made from high-strength USA-made materials and reinforced components, this kit can withstand even the toughest off-road conditions, including rock crawling and other challenging situations. You'll be able to take on larger obstacles and navigate rough terrain more easily than ever before, without worrying about damaging your steering or suspension.

Not only does RCLT HD improve your vehicle's off-road performance, but it also enhances your ride quality for both on- and off-road adventures. Designed to work with a variety of tire sizes up to 40-inch, you can customize your setup to fit your needs. Whether you're a seasoned off-roader or just starting out, the Marlin Crawler RCLT HD kit is the ultimate way to boost your vehicle's performance and elevate your adventures to new heights and reliability.

So what are you waiting for? Upgrade to the Marlin Crawler RCLT HD and experience the ultimate in off-road capability. With our patented design for enhanced approach angles, increased tire to body mount clearance, and perfect integration with the heavy duty MarRack steering rack, you'll be able to conquer any trail with ease. Don't settle for average - take your off-road game to the next level with Marlin Crawler.

Welcome to the BRAND NEW WORLD of Toyota IFS Off-roading

The facts are simple:

  1. A 35" tire is the minimum entry size to be taken serious as a Rock Crawler
  2. No Long Travel IFS Kit can Rock Crawl 35" tires without modifying the cab A-pillar mount, and therefore
  3. No Long Travel IFS Kit is designed for Rock Crawling

The goals of the all-new Marlin Crawler Long Travel IFS:

  1. To install 35" tires without cab mount frame bracket modification
  2. To improve approach angle closer to or on par with Solid Axle Conversions
  3. To take full advantage of the Heavy Duty MarRack Steering System
  4. To carve a new path away from existing Long Travel kits not designed for Rock Crawling

How Marlin Crawler accomplished this:

  1. By moving the knuckle forward for tire clearance & approach angles never done before
  2. By increasing ground clearance of the traditional lower control arm design to a level never done before
  3. By having the strongest factory-style steering system integrated with the IFS in a way never done before

What this means for you:

✓  The Ultimate Reliable HD IFS + Integrated HD Steering System Upgrade
✓  Maximum confidence for your Rock Crawling, Expedition, Overlanding, and Daily Driving needs
✓  Increased steering power to safely operate oversized tires
✓  All-new steering geometry properly designed for a lift (5" capable, 3-4" recommended)
✓  No need to trim, relocate, or chop body mounts (verified with up to 38" tires)
✓  No more broken inner or outer tie rods
✓  No more broken steering racks
✓  No more broken or bent knuckles
✓  No more broken axles (using Ultimate Build)

The Patented RCLT HD is born

Welcome to the birth of the Toyota Rock Crawling IFS industry, brought to you by the founder of the Rock Crawling industry, Marlin Crawler. RCLT HD stands for Rock Crawling Long Travel, Heavy Duty, and is the first Long Travel IFS Kit specifically designed for the Rock Crawler. With many unique & industry-first features, it has created a new market segment strong enough for Rock Crawling yet familar for all styles of use including overlanding, expedition, and daily driving. Main features include...

  • Relocate front axle so far forward it requires a new complete heavy-duty steering system,
  • Unmatched IFS steering strength,
  • Unmatched IFS knuckle strength,
  • Unmatched IFS geometry stability,
  • Unmatched IFS approach angle,
  • Unmatched IFS ground clearance,
  • Oversized bushings to absorb hits & loads,
  • Flex greater than wider kits reusing stock knuckles (2.75" kit achieves 14" hub travel, demonstration video),
  • Ability to run up to size 38" tires without body mount frame bracket modification, and
  • It is the first IFS system that challenges the benefits of a Solid Axle Swap

For these reasons, RCLT HD avoids competing with existing Long Travel kits and is why RCLT HD is proudly Patented! (No. 11066099)

Approach Angle, Ground Clearance, and Steering Strength are all serious handicaps to the IFS off-roader and RCLT HD greatly improves all three!

RCLT HD is 100% designed, developed, tested, manufactured, and built in Central California, using USA steel with USA-made FK bearings and tie rod ends. Comprised of 248 carefully designed individual parts, it is not just another Long Travel kit. This is a first-of-a-kind full IFS and steering systems integrated replacement consisting of...

  1. Never-before-done two-inch forward control arm geometry,
  2. Never-before-done knuckle geometry, and
  3. Never-before-done steering geometry
...and made possible by the MarRack steering rack replacement and our extended length steering arms that reduce driver steering effort perfect for handling oversized tires on- or off-road. In fact, RCLT HD has the strongest Toyota Long Travel Knuckle ever made, with our signature one-piece steering-hub-caliper solid lower section cut from billet larger than two dual case adapters!

Strength, handling, steering, ride quality, & on/off-road
traction is unparalleled in the Toyota IFS market

Patented Heavy-duty Steering Integration replaces your original light-duty steering components

While RCLT HD was never meant to replace a Solid Axle Swap, it greatly challenges the benefits thereof in the following ways:

  • RCLT HD has vastly more ground clearance and less unsprung mass than an SAS
  • Is 99% bolt-on and easily transferable from vehicle to vehicle
  • May be removed and all original IFS components reinstalled
  • Retains all factory ABS, cruise, and traction control systems
  • Reuses OEM brakes and hub components for ease of service
  • Can be aligned by any shop without special instructions
  • Retains superior handling, ride quality, & stability for daily-drivers
  • Is less expensive and complicated to install
"I've wheel'd a lot of rigs and my Tacoma on 38" tires is the only
Rock Crawler I've ever built that drives like a Camry"
— Nate, Dirt Lifestyle

Installation Overview

RCLT HD is a replacement Heavy Duty IFS with integrated Heavy Duty MarRack Steering System comprised of many patented features. This installation process is more time consuming than traditional Long Travel IFS installation due to (1) modifications required to install the oversized MarRack rack & pinion steering as well as (2) fitting factory knuckle components onto replacement Heavy Duty Knuckles.

The installation process is divided into four sections:

1. Power Steering System Flush
2. Remove Factory Components
3. HD Steering Installation
4. HD IFS Installation
Estimated Installation Time: 2 to 5 days

Please note this is ONLY to install RCLT HD. Your up-travel and tire choice will greatly impact how much extra labor is required to complete your desired build. The basic install is 35" tires with our included low profile bump stops, which requires minimal or no body trimming depending on application. To understand the scope of this product, please click here to view our detailed instructions. All orders receive exclusive access to our online installation database with 1-on-1 support.

Click to see installations and videos of RCLT HD!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Install Questions

Body/Bumper Clearancing
Bump Stop
Coil over
Coil Spring Rate
Inner Tie Rod (ITR)
Steering Angle & Stop
Suspension Travel
Sway Bar
Toyota Safety Sense
Traction Control
Wheel Backspacing
Wheel Diameter

BigMike's Q&A to Dirt Lifestyle's RCLT HD Install Video

What does "Long Travel" mean?
When will it be available?
What does it fit?
What makes it different?
What frame mods are required?
What skills & equipment needed?
How long to install?
Any advantages over SAS?
How does install compare to SAS?
How does cost compare to SAS?
Rear 3-link vs SAS?
Why costs more than other kits?
What is the MarRack?
How strong is the MarRack?
Can MarRack be used on other kits?
Do we offer the MarRack?
Power steering upgrade required?
Can other kits Rock Crawl?
How strong is the IFS differential?
Can it be used for High Speed?
Fits foreign applications?
Compatible with Big Brake Kits? UPDATED 4/17/23
How much travel does it make?
Tacoma frame compatibility?
Compatible with skid plates?
How long do Uniballs last?
Headlight relocation?
Unfair jackstand comparison?
Will Nate's Tacoma be at KOH?
How was Nate's coffee?

Type I, II, III, & IV IFS Frame Identification Chart

Prototyping and Testing

Vehicle Application

2003-2015 Type III (Prado 120) IFS Platform (all 4WD)

  • 2003-2009 Lexus GX470
  • 2003-2009 Toyota 4Runner
  • 2005-2015 Toyota Tacoma
  • 2006-2009 Toyota FJ Cruiser
  • Any Right or Left-hand drive Prado 120-type global platform
    • May require engine oil pan and/or mount modification

2010-2023 Type IV (Prado 150) IFS Platform (all 4WD)

  • 2010-2023 Toyota 4Runner
  • 2010-2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser, USDM
  • 2010-2023 Toyota FJ Cruiser, Foreign market
  • 2010-2023 Lexus GX460
    • May require engine oil pan and/or mount modification
  • 2016-2023 Toyota Tacoma
  • Any Right or Left-hand drive Prado 150-type global platform
    • May require engine oil pan and/or mount modification

Other applications

We receive requests for Type I, Type II, and 100/200-series LC applications. Because the 2003+ Toyota/Lexus mid-size platform is the most common, we began with Type III/IV. For Land Cruisers, sorry but there isn't enough demand.


"+2 RC": Rock Crawling (RC) capability

  • Knuckle moved forward +2.00 inches (50.8mm)
  • Approach Angle comparable to a mild Solid Axle Swap setup
  • No body mount chop or relocation required with up to size 38" tires

"+2.75 LT": Extended control arms for Long Travel (LT) capability

  • +2.75 inches (69.85mm) longer per side, overall track width increase of +5.50 inches (177.8mm)
    • Or +7 inches (139.7mm) wider overall for our +3.50 inch (88.9mm) kit
  • Improved side-hill stability, ride quality and smoothness over terrain
  • New Mid-length Solution:
    • Between industry standard of 2 and 3.50" widths
    • Maneuverability: Being too wide is often detrimental on technical trails (as well as city driving)
    • Flex: Horizontal ball joints maximize articulation
      • +2.75" kit achieves up to 14.0" of travel at the hub, which is 12% more than typical +3.50" kits yet is 27% more narrow

"HD": Heavy Duty (HD) Boxed design
          Including HD Knuckles and integrated HD MarRack Steering Rack

  • Maximum strength, durability, reliability, dependability
  • Double-sheer Horizontal Ball Joints top and bottom with 1-Ton 58" LCA hardware
  • Double-sheer 1-Ton 58" Tie Rod steering hardware
  • Extended height knuckle for reduced bump steer and rate of camber change
    • Proper Knuckle geometry for lifted applications
    • Maintains alignment for a greater range of motion than LT kits re-using stock knuckles
  • Better handling and ride quality compared to LT kits re-using stock knuckles
Put the three together and you get,

+2 RC +2.75 LT HD

Install Questions

Body and/or Bumper Clearancing

RCLT HD repositions your front tires forward 2-inches which may cause cab, fender, and/or bumper interference depending on tire size and ride height. The high performance nature begs for clearancing, if needed, to achieve your desired range of performance.

Bump Stop

RCLT HD features inverted lower arms to maximize ground clearance which limits compatibility with factory bump stop frame brackets. Using our provided Low Profile Bump Stops limits total hub travel to 11.6-inches as well as fender or cab trimming, if needed. Installing custom bump stops will net the full articulation performance of the kit.
RCLT HD Owners: Click here to view custom bump stop examples.

Not designed to be jumped
Using factory bump stop brackets

Designed to be jumped
Using custom fabricated bump stops

Coil over

RCLT HD is designed for use with 2.5" diameter coil overs typically used on Long Travel setups. We recommend a 16.5" collapsed, 24.5" extended, and 8" stroke length shocks with 1.5" wide 12" lower mount hardware. Longer or shorter shocks may be used which may affect up- or down-travel.

Coil Spring Rate

Within the confinements of RCLT HD being a near bolt-on system, it is strong enough to handle anything thrown its way. Due to use preferences ranging from Rock Crawling, Baja, Sand, Mud, Snow, to Overlanding, as well as vehicle configurations from heavier 8cyl SUVs with full plate armor and coil rear suspension to lighter 4cyl single cabs with tube bumpers and leaf springs, there is no one-spring-rate-fits-all solution.

The answer to what spring rate is right for you depends on how your vehicle is configured and how you plan to use RCLT HD. You may find yourself tinkering with your spring rate to suit your needs. The goal for Rock Crawling would be to have the front and rear suspension complement one another, whereby the front spring rate is not too high that it causes the rear suspension to be over-worked. The following table as a general guideline suggestion:

Use caseEmpty Vehicle WeightRear SuspensionSuggested Spring Rate
Rock Crawling4,500 lbsCoil
500 lb-ft
500 or 550 lb-ft
4,500 to 5,250 lbsCoil
550 lb-ft
550 or 600 lb-ft
5,250 to 6,000 lbsCoil
600 lb-ft
600 lb-ft
6,000+ lbsCoil
600 lb-ft
650 lb-ft
Baja / Sand4,500 lbsany550 lb-ft
4,500 to 5,500 lbsany600 to 650 lb-ft
5,500+ lbsany650 lb-ft

Inner Tie Rod (ITR)

Because light duty steering rack tie rods are weak, clevis-style aftermarket upgrades have existed for a long time. RCLT HD features Heavy Duty oversized inner tie rods that thread into Heavy Duty DOM Marlinks which connect to Heavy Duty CNC billet knuckles using Heavy Duty 58" 1-Ton double-sheer hardware. Our knuckles also feature longer-than-stock steering arms which naturally reduces stress experienced up-stream on all steering components including TRE, ITR, steering rack and rack mounts. We have over 48,000 miles of testing 40" tires as well as 35" tires used in 3 x King of the Hammers & 2 x full Ultra4 Rock Racing seasons and have yet to experience any tie rod failures.

RCLT HD is now the remedy to this age-old problem and aftermarket tie rods are no longer needed. This is great because clevis inner tie rods are typically incompatible with tie rod boots which leads to seal contamination and premature rack failure. Therefore, we strongly appose using clevis-style inner tie rods with your MarRack. To maximize MarRack life, stick with its original factory-style inner tie rods which we have yet to see fail.

Steering Angle and Steering Stop

Our horizontal double-sheer knuckle connections trade maximum steering angle for maximum strength and suspension travel. We limit steering loss by using each uniball assembly as the steering stop, with staggered-width cups and high clearance misalignment spacers designed to interfer in unison. The result is 4 steering stops per side as opposed to the factory's one. Our steering stops must be broken-in before maximum turning angle is achieved.

Depending on usage, break-in may take a few trail runs to occur. To accelerate process, perform excessive sharp u-turns as well as sharp cornering while articulating the suspension. Below is a table of applications we've measured in comparison to RCLT HD.

ApplicationAxle Type# of stopsSteering AngleFull Sweep
RCLT HD, fresh installIFS (Type III or IV)829°58°
RCLT HD, broken-inIFS (Type III or IV)832°64°
1998 4WD 4RunnerIFS, Stock (Type II)230°60°
2016 4WD 4RunnerIFS, Stock (Type IV)230°60°
2021 4WD 4RunnerIFS, Stock (Type IV)229.5°59°
2008 4WD TacomaIFS, Stock (Type III)236°72°
Live Axle Comparison
Marlin's 1980 "Crawler Truck"8" Toyota Axle with High Steer428.5°57°
BigMike's 1981 Pickup8" Diamond Axle with High Steer431°62°
1985 4RunnerFJ80 + Hellfire Knuckles, High Steer430.5°61°
1996 FJ80 Land CruiserLand Cruiser, Stock432°64°

Suspension Travel

RCLT HD prides itself in having good articulation for its mid-length design. At only 2.75" wider per side, it achieves 12% more wheel travel than typical 3.50" kits yet is 27% more narrow for better city driving and maneuverability on technical trails.

Alignment Stability is equally important: Our replacement Heavy Duty Knuckles and integrated HD MarRack steering have patented geometry specifically designed for a lift with increased flex, so your alignment geometry does not deflect as much while articulating compared to all other lift kits reusing stock knuckles.

Maximum Travel
at hub centerline
Recommended Limit
Strap Setting
Knuckle Geometry
designed for a lift
RCLT HD +2.75" LT
Using Low Profile Bump Stops & RCV axles
RCLT HD +2.75" LT
Using Custom Bump Stops & RCV axles
RCLT HD +3.50" LT
Using Low Profile Bump Stops & RCV axles
RCLT HD +3.50" LT
Using Custom Bump Stops & RCV axles
3.5" values are estimated

The below video shows measurements of both "Easy" and "Best" install methods as per Page 34 of our Installation Guide. Results may vary based on Coilover and Axle type used. See video description for more details.
RCLT HD Owners: Click here to view "Best" method installation tips.

The reason why RCLT HD achieves as much travel as longer arm kits is because we replace stock knuckles and their limitied-travel vertical ball joints with heavy duty knuckles featuring double-sheer top & bottom horizontal ball joints.

Sway Bar

Sorry, but RCLT HD is not compatible with sway bars or Toyota K.D.S.S.

Toyota Safety Sense on 2018 and newer vehicles

All products on this website are intended for Off-road use. RCLT HD prides itself in highly stable geometry resulting in superior drivability compared to other lifted Long Travel setups reusing factory knuckles. Please be aware that if you alter the height of a vehicle equipped with Toyota Safety Sense (MY 2018+) then you may need to recalibrate your vehicle's dynamic radar cruise control, pre-collision with pedestrian detection, and lane tracing assist. Please ask your dealer or contact Toyota Motor Corp. for details.

Traction Control

While RCLT HD is fully compatible with all traction control systems, please bear in mind that a lifted vehicle on larger than stock tires will result in a higher center of gravity that may cause your traction control system to be more active than stock at heavy-acceleration low-speed sharp-cornering during city driving.

Wheel Backspacing

Wheel backspacing should be limited to 4.50" or less due to the nature of our oversized Heavy Duty Knuckle and wide tires desirable for increased traction (i.e. 12.5" wide tires compared to 10.5" stock). If you are partial to 4.75" BS wheels, then you could try 1/4" spacers (example 1, 2) with Extended Thread (ET) lug nuts (example 1).
RCLT HD Owners: Please see thread Compatible Wheel + Tire Combos for more info.

Wheel Diameter

Our steering geometry requires at least 17" wheels. Sorry, 16" wheels are not compatible. Silver linings include many 17" wheel & tire options and Tacoma owners will be able to upgrade to larger brakes (more info).

BigMike's Q&A to Dirt Lifestyle's RCLT HD Install Video

Click to watch Nate and BigMike discuss RCLT HD on YouTube!

Below are additional answers by BigMike to video comments from Dirt Lifestyle's RCLT HD installation.

BigMike: I'd like to first define the term "Long Travel"
Long Travel (LT) refers to replacing factory lower & upper control arms (LCA & UCA) of an IFS with new arms that are longer than stock. There are much longer LT setups in the world, from Ultra4 to Trophy Trucks, where the LCAs are inboard-mounted close to one another for maximum arm length. But arms from a "LT kit" attach directly to your existing frame mounts as a simple remove-and-replace install. As the arms are longer, we get more suspension travel, articulation, stability, and an improved ride, but at the expense of adding overall width to the vehicle. It's a compromise: Really long arms are great for performance, but the vehicle becomes excessively wide and difficult to drive in cities and narrow 4WD trails. In addition to more flex, longer arms extend further down for the same arm angle providing natural lift without incurring excessive CV joint and steering component angles. This is how we're able to get more lift instead of using a Frame Drop Bracket Kit which negates the ground clearance advantage of IFS.

Q: When will RCLT HD be available?
A: Kits have been shipping since Spring 2021.

Q: What does RCLT HD fit?
A: Type III & IV Toyota IFS frames (2003+ 4Runner/Lexus GX, 2005+ 4WD/PreRunner Tacoma, 2006+ FJ Cruiser).

Q: What makes RCLT HD different from other Toyota LT kits?
A: RCLT HD has created a new market segment and does not directly compete with existing LT kits. Specifically, RCLT HD is the first LT kit designed for Rock Crawling and provides unmatched approach angle, ground clearance, and steering strength. Some of its "firsts" include: (1) First LT with an integrated replacement HD steering rack built with 1-Ton double-sheer components providing more steering power & reduced driver fatigue, proven strong enough for King Of The Hammers (KOH) and 40" tires, (2) First LT to incorporate two-inch forward-mount knuckles, whereby a 35" tire easily clears the body mount frame bracket, 37s fit like 33s, and up to a size 42" tire may be installed without relocating the body mount, (3) First LT to incorporate an inverted lower arm with inset shock mount equaling the ground-clearance gain of going from 31 to 40" tires, (4) First LT strong enough for Rock Crawling, and (5) First LT that challenges the benefits of a Solid Axle Swap (SAS).

The fact "SAS" is even listed on this product page tells you all you need to know.

Q: What frame modifications are required compared to other LT kits?
A: RCLT HD requires a steering rack insert to be welded into the frame.

Q: What skills and equipment are needed to install RCLT HD?
A: "If you can drill a hole and weld upside down, you can install RCLT HD" – Nate, Dirt Lifestyle

Q: How long does it take to install RCLT HD?
A: The experienced mechanic may install RCLT HD in 8 to 12 hours and the first-time home-mechanic should be able to do it in two weekends. Expect an average shop install time to be 2-3 days.

Q: What are the advantages of RCLT HD over an SAS?
A: While RCLT HD was never meant to replace an SAS, it challenges the benefits of an SAS by having vastly more ground clearance, less unsprung mass, is 99% bolt-on, may be removed & transferred vehicle-to-vehicle (ex. if you have a Tacoma now but later switch to a 4Runner), retains factory speedometer/ABS/cruise/traction control systems, no death wobble, reuses original brakes & hub components for ease of service & parts sourcing, can be aligned by any shop without special instructions, and retains superior IFS handling, ride-quality, & stability for daily-drivers.

Q: How does installation of RCLT HD compare to an SAS?
A: Shops typically schedule 2 to 2½ weeks to SAS a Type III/IV frame, whereby RCLT HD can be installed in a couple days. Moreover, the average home mechanic able to install a LT cannot build a custom late-model SAS.

Q: How does the price of RCLT HD compare to an SAS?
A: SAS'ing a late-model Toyota IFS cannot be compared to SAS'ing a 1986 Hilux. Many shops charge $25,000 or more for a turn-key SAS which is more than double a turn-key RCLT HD. When installed at home, a complete turn-key RCLT HD costs less than just an SAS labor charge. If you're unable to install RCLT HD yourself, expect a 2-day shop labor charge to be just over $2,000.

Q: Why is it you didn't want to remove the IFS in favor of a solid axle swap but in the same breath you tore the rear suspension out to go linked and coilovers?
A: Keep in mind that a rear SAS does not require removing the two strongest cross members of the frame (IFS sub-frame), removing existing shock towers, adding at least two new crossmembers (radiator support and under the bellhousing), changing to an entirely new steering type (gear box) with matched panhard-to-tie rod angles, and avoids all the complications of packaging new hydraulic lines, pan hard bar, upper tower & link, and taller shock towers under and around the engine oil pan, exhaust manifolds, and cylinder heads as well as clearancing into the cab and front wheel well which is much more limited and time consuming than simply removing inner fender plastic from the truck bed. As Nate shows, a 3-link conversion to an existing rear solid axle without any engine and steering complications is easier than a front SAS, and he even reused the factory rear leaf spring hangers and avoided cutting the frame entirely! Case in point, shops can do rear 3-links like Nate's in 2 days whereas an SAS to a late-model Toyota can take up to 3 weeks.

Q: What makes RCLT HD cost more than typical LT kits?
A: Simply put, RCLT HD has the most massive and strongest Toyota LT replacement knuckles ever made. This is because our HD Knuckles are made from one-piece solid steel lower sections, where the brake caliper mount, hub, and double-sheer steering arm are all one interconnected solid part. This billet chunk of steel starts out at 50 pounds and is both larger than the billet we use to make our MC08 Dual Case Adapters and requires nearly twice as long to machine. In addition, we use 1/4" plate steel instead of 3/16" and have extra front & rear double-wall plating where stress forces are the highest. When you consider how each knuckle requires more manufacturing than a Dual Case Adapter with additional laser cutting, forming, assembly, welding, and powder coating, you can see how each knuckle is valued at $1,500. Without the knuckles, our retail price would be $3,999, which is on-par with typical LT kits despite our kit also having double-sheer HD upper arms with 1/4" steel plating, double-sheer HD lower arms with 1/4" steel plating, and parts to build and install a replacement HD MarRack with DOM MiniMarlinks, 1-Ton 58" tie rod ends, and patented steering geometry. (Most all LT kits use single-sheer connections, only 3/16" plating, and are not an integrated HD steering rack upgrade.) Comprised of 248 parts, RCLT HD is the most complex LT kit by a wide margin and I believe it is reasonably priced for what it offers: The strongest and most reliable LT kit ever made with Rock Crawling ability no other LT kit can hold a candle to.

Q: What is the MarRack?
A: The MarRack is an oversized heavy duty steering rack used exclusively with RCLT HD. Originally, we sought to make our own custom Heavy Duty steering rack, however, after working with both Koyo Seiko and JTEKT direct in Japan it was impossible to compete with the low cost of simply modifying an existing rack. So instead, we evolved RCLT HD to work with a Land Cruiser rack which is modified into a MarRack. All parts are transferrable so should you ever need a new MarRack you simply grab an over-the-counter LC rack, convert into a MarRack, and install! See Required Parts tab for more details.

The name "MarRack" is derived from Marlin's traditional nomenclature dating back to the mid-1980s where he invented the MarTack (prevents locker damage at time of axle failure), Marlink (first heavy duty replacement steering tie rod), Marfield (first heavy duty replacement Birfield axle joint), MarJoint (rebuildable uniball), and the 22MAR (one of the first 20/22R engine builds).

NOTE: Due to inferior bushing design and inconsistent high pressure line fitting tolerances, we no longer recommend remanufactured racks or racks with double D bushings. Please see this image for reference.

Top: Factory light-duty steering rack. Bottom: Marlin Crawler MarRack with DOM MiniMarlinks & 7/8-14 X 58" TREs

Q: How strong is the MarRack?
A: The MarRack is the only DOT-approved steering rack to survive KOH as well as more than 49,000 miles of daily-driving and rock crawling across six-states with 40" tires, Triple Transfer Cases (580:1 Crawl Ratio), F&R lockers, cutting brakes, & never trailed. It has three frame mounts instead of two with M14 mount hardware instead of M12 (2.1 X stronger frame connection), mounts are wider than stock for greater force loading, uses M28 ITRs instead of M14 (4.0 X stronger connection), and is built from a one-piece oversized aluminum housing that is 54% more massive than stock. On top of all this, our HD Knuckle steering geometry reduces load upstream to steering components, so every trail object the MarRack "feels" is reduced by our patented design.

MarRacks have been in use for over 4 years with 35 to 40" tires and have had no reported rack or tie rod failures.

Q: Can the MarRack be used with stock IFS or other LT kits?
A: No. Because the MarRack is derived from a Land Cruiser, which is wider than the mid-size SUV/Tacoma, a new steering, knuckle, and suspension geometry is required for it to work safely & properly. I spent over two years perfecting this geometry to be stable throughout 14-inches of travel and patented the design allowing an oversized rack to work in narrow frames.

Longer answer: From a safety standpoint I am compelled to express further that mismatching IFS geometry may cause injury or property damage as vehicle control is a critical safety aspect that MUST be taken deadly serious.

The narrow mid-size frame width (Tacoma/4Runner/FJ Cruiser/Lexus GX) is NOT compatible with a wider Land Cruiser steering rack. That alone throws off steering geometry. But it's worse: The MarRack sits further forward and higher up in the frame than your stock rack. This incompatible combination results in a host of issues including bump steer, excessive cross-caster, increased brake-dive, and cornering instability. Additionally, your knuckle geometry does not match a Land Cruiser rack so you get a large slip angle (Ackerman) and a lower steering ratio resulting in twitchy steering, dangerous emergency lane changes, and a greater risk of highspeed roll-over. The cherry on top will be excessive front tire wear.

The wider Land Cruiser geometry does not match narrow mid-size applications

The steering system of an IFS is more complex than a Solid Axle and one cannot throw random parts together, tighten shackles to quiet death wobble, and head for the trail. On an IFS, your tires are connected to lighter, more efficient components with built-in dynamic caster & camber that affect toe, so incorrect geometry is more detrimental to driving dynamics than a solid axle. IFS requires careful design to properly integrate with an entirely different steering system. When I first installed a LC rack in 2018 it handled so poorly that I could not go over 40 MPH and almost caused an accident. There is a reason why this had never been done before.

If simply throwing in a MarRack worked and was safe then we would have patented it

For these reasons we do not build our HD Knuckles with reusable jigs in non-temperature controlled rooms, welding together thin plates of steel into hallow steering arms that customer lives depend on. The excellent drive & handling of RCLT HD comes from our HD Knuckles' one-piece solid billet double-sheer steering arms (the first Toyota LT of its kind) with CNC-precision mirror-matched geometry creating the first LT kit geometrically integrated with an oversized steering rack from a larger vehicle.

RCLT HD is the first LT kit with a geometrically integrated oversized steering rack

The result of our patented geometry-stable design is driving characteristics better than any LT kit that reuses stock steering geometry in a lifted application. Customers praise how tight and responsive RCLT HD's steering feels, and a Grandmother could daily-drive RCLT HD with 40" tires and would not need a list of precautions.

RCLT HD's stable geometry has up to 14" of hub travel (+2.75" kit) that
experiences only half a degree camber & toe change through 90% of flex

This is impossible with stock knuckles and a LC rack

Our stable geometry from lift-to-squat results in an exceptional driving experience

Q: Do we offer the MarRack?
A: Unfortunately no, and for the same reason why we do not rebuild automatic transmissions: There is no way we can ensure the installer properly flushed the steering system in order to warranty a MarRack. Instead, we put together the most comprehensive Installation Guide of any LT kit on the market so that anyone may create and install their own MarRack integrated with RCLT HD.

Q: Any power steering pump mods required?
A: No. Our steering geometry increases steering strength, so an increase in pump pressure or cooling is not needed.

Q: Aren't other LT kits used for Rock Crawling?
A: While you could go rock crawling with other kits, none are designed for it. It is well accepted that a 35" tire is the minimum entry size to be taken serious as a Rock Crawler, and because factory inner tie rods fail with 33s, knuckles bend with 34s, and steering racks die with 35s, there is no Rock Crawling LT kit. In fact, other LT manufactures advise against technical rock crawling altogether. We are not only confident in technical Rock Crawling RCLT HD with tires up to and including 40", but our patented design provides SAS-like approach angles, increases ground clearance beyond other kits, and has steering and knuckle strength proven strong enough for KOH underneath 4.7L V8 4Runners. We are achieving this with non-upgraded factory MarRack inner tie rods (ITR) and have yet to bend or break a single one, even with 40s. RCLT HD is in a league its own when it comes to IFS Rock Crawling capability and performance.

Q: What's the point of all this strength when you've still got the front IFS differential?
A: We covered this from the 19:55 to 22:01 min video mark, but another thing to add is that the reverse-rotation high-pinion 8" Type III/IV IFS differential uses the same R&P from the 100-series 4.7L V8 Land Cruiser, which is the same R&P as the venerable and popular 80-series High Pinion except it's even stronger due to it having a wider & thicker ring gear. So the SUV/Tacoma 2003+ front IFS differential is (1) stronger than the Toyota Solid Axle 8" High Pinion, (2) is from a V8 Land Cruiser, and (3) has well been proven strong. The strength or reliability of my front diff has never crossed my mind throughout my entire 49,000 miles of daily driving and Rock Crawling with the same front diff, a 580:1 Crawl Ratio, and 40" tire/wheel combo that weighs 145 lbs each.

Q: Can RCLT HD be used for High Speed?
A: Absolutely, as proven at KOH. However, please bear in mind that our design is optimized for rock crawling strength & performance. Therefore, (1) our parts are heavy which reduces high speed efficiency and (2) because our lower arms are optimized for ground clearance, spacing is tight around the outer CV boots at full droop. See Instructions | Appendex A13: "High Speed Use Tips" for more details.

Q: Can RCLT HD be installed onto a non-USDM Hilux/Surf Toyota vehicle?
A: So long as the vehicle shares the same Prado 120/150-series IFS, then there is a good chance it can. Also, the MarRack can be made for LH or RH configurations. The only unknown variable is space beneath non-USDM engines such as turbo diesels, so oil pan modifications may be required to clear the oversized steering rack.

Q: Can I use a Big Brake Kit on RCLT HD?
A: Customers have successfully installed oversized Wilwood, CEIKA, and OEM brakes with RCLT HD. I run oversized Lexus GX460 brakes on my Tacoma. It is known that 6-piston AlconUSA and StopTech brackets must be modified for speed sensor and knuckle upright fitment.
RCLT HD Owners: Please see this thread for more info on aftermarket brake kit compatability: Big Brake kit

Kits shipped since summer 2022: Our HD Knuckles now use Toyota's larger M14 caliper hardware found on 2015 and newer SUV applications. This means 2014 and older SUVs and all Tacoma applications will need to order four Toyota 90105-14198 caliper bolts and upgrade existing caliper through-holes using 916" drill. Each caliper flange has a lot of surface area and drilling one size up has no impact to safety or brake performance. (Optionally, you may choose to upgrade to larger 2015+ 4Runner/GX460 M14 calipers with matching 2010+ 4Runner/GX460 rotors for an OEM "Big Brake" setup.)

Six-piston Wilwood and CEIKA brake upgrades with RCLT HD

Q: How much travel to expect from RCLT HD?
A: This depends on how much up-travel you're looking to have, pending tire size and clearancing plans (see "Bump Stop Consideration" Page 34 of our Online Instructions). For example, on Nate's +3.50" setup, he is intentionally limiting up-travel to minimize 38" tire clearancing requirements, and is only expecting about 12" of travel. On my shorter +2.75" setup, I get 14" of travel at hub centerline because I relocated my bump stops. This is why we did not cover this in the video because Nate is not sure how things will turn out pending his fiberglass fender install. He has a lot more down travel than I do so if he did the same amount of clearancing as I did then I'd expect him to have around 16" of travel.

RCLT HD (+2.75) achieves up to 14" of travel at the hub. Click here for more info

Q: How close are the 2nd & 3rd gen Tacoma front suspensions?
A: See Appendix A6 of RCLT HD's Installation Guide.

Q: Are factory and aftermarket skid plates compatible with RCLT HD?
A: As far as we know all skid plates, stock and aftermarket, are compatible with RCLT HD. Update 8/3/2022: Skid plates that utilize the M12 bolt hole in front of the factory steering rack's LH frame mount may require modification to work.

Q: How long will the uniballs last?
A: While uniballs do not last as long as sealed joints, I did not want to settle on anything less than the ultimate strength of double-sheer top-and-bottom mounts which means uniballs are the only option. How long they last depends on mileage and climate type. For daily driving in dry climates, expect them to last 5 years or more. For daily driving in cold climates where road treatments like salt are used, we've heard they may only last up to 1 year. We use 1" high quality USA-made FK Uniballs. Rebuild kits are currently available by phone.

Q: Do you have to relocate headlights in order to run 40" tires?
A: When I allowed my TacomaWorld forum thread to get hijacked last year, some user who has never ran a LT with 40s claimed I relocated my headlights in order for this to work. He is mistaken as I run my 8" Radflo shocks (p/n 6CT-001-5A) to full compression and all my components are in their stock location, including headlights and battery.

Q: How is the ground clearance comparison fair when Nate's Tacoma is on jack-stands?
A: Nate can easily set his ride height to match what's shown, and also the Jeep is on taller 39" tires while the Taco is only on 38s!!

Q: Will Nate's truck be at the 2022 KOH?
A: Hopefully yes and come see it & meet Nate in person at our Marlin Crawler booth!

Q: How did Mike like Nate's coffee?
A: It was delicious and was served in a stainless tumbler with "Dirt Lifestyle" logo!

RCLT HD with 40x13.5" tires under a 2016 V6 Toyota Tacoma
More than 45K miles of testing with 40s and zero steering, axle, or differential failures

North American IFS Types for Toyota Mid-size Pickups and SUVs

To help understand the differences of the Toyota IFS 4WD, please see the following section which comes from our Instructions, Appendix A6.

IFS Type I
Applications: 1986-95 Hilux
1986-95 4Runner
1995-04 Tacoma
1996-02 4Runner
2003-09 4Runner
2003-09 GX470
2005-15 Tacoma
2006-09 FJ Cruiser
2010+ 4Runner
2010-14 FJ Cruiser
2016+ Tacoma
Spring Type:Torsion BarCoil overCoil overCoil over
R & P Size:7.5"7.5"8.0"8.0"
1979 2WD PickupLand Cruiser
Prado 90-series
Land Cruiser (V8)
Prado 120-series
Land Cruiser (V8)
Prado 120-series
Steering:Gear BoxRack & PinionRack & PinionRack & Pinion
In front of axleBehind axleIn front of axleIn front of axle
Outer CV:Bell OD: 93mm
Splines: 26
Bell OD: 94.5mm
Splines: 30
Bell OD: 106mm
Splines: 30
Bell OD: 106mm
Splines: 30
Inner Shaft:OD: 23.75mmOD: 29mmOD: 32mmOD: 32mm
Hubs:Manual or
Manual or
Brake Rotor:OD: 289 to 291mm
Thick: 20 to 25mm
OD: 296 to 319mm
Thick: 22mm
OD: 319 to 338mm
Thick: 28mm
OD: 319 to 338mm
Thick: 28 to 32mm
LCA Design:HiluxLand Cruiser
Prado 90-series
Land Cruiser
Prado 120-series
Land Cruiser
Prado 150-series
Bump stops:
2 per side2 per side1 per side1 per side

Marlin Crawler's Take

Type I: The first 4WD IFS offered in the States left a lot to be desired. The use of a torsion bar limited lift options and resulted in a squeaky off-road experience. While it used a traditional and robust steering box, the idler arm and small tie rods were prone to failure. Small axle shafts with no HD Rock Crawling upgrade options, and a small front R&P lifted from a 1979 2WD pickup.
   Largest recommended Rock Crawling tire size: 32".

Type II: The Prado 90-series was a major upgrade for IFS 4WD Toyotas. Designed by Toyota's commercial truck division Hino Motors, this IFS features easy to change coil overs, axles with available HD aftermarket upgrades, improved reverse-rotation high-pinion R&P, and a steering rack mounted favorably behind the axle for improved forward-direction strength, it had potential.
   Largest recommended Rock Crawling tire size: 33".

Type III: The Prado 120-series IFS essentially doubled the strength of Type II in every category except steering. The differential became larger and adopted an improved clamshell design which orientates assembly bolts perpendicular to the pinion resulting in much greater pinion deflection resistance. The R&P is the same used in the larger 8cyl 100-series Land Cruiser and proven reliable with 40" tires. Heavy Duty aftermarket axle options include inboard & outboard 35-spline Dana-60-sized CV joints that include a manufacture guarantee to not fail with tire sizes up to 40" in diameter.
   Largest recommended Rock Crawling tire size: 35" with proper attention to steering & knuckle strength.

Type IV: The Prado 150-series IFS further builds upon the Type III by featuring larger and stronger lower control arm mounting hardware. In some SUV applications, the brake rotors are 6% larger and 28% thicker, and calipers have 28% more piston area with 36% stronger knuckle mount hardware. Steering strength unfortunately remains the major weak-link of the mid-size Toyota IFS.
   Largest recommended Rock Crawling tire size: 35" with proper attention to steering & knuckle strength.

Prototyping and Testing

Iterations of RCLT HD have been tested on the following trails without failure:

On 40" x 13.5" tires:
Over 49,000 miles of daily driving and highway use

Northern California:
Rubicon (6-times)
Fordyce (entire trail both ways without winching)

Central California:
Dusy/Ershim (5-times, both directions)
Coyote Lake
Red Lake
Strawberry Lake
West Lake
Bald Mtn
Cheapo Saddle

Poughkeepsie Gulch
Imogene Pass
Black Bear Pass
Moab, Utah:
Pritchett Canyon
Hell's Revenge
Cliff Hanger
Metal Masher
Top Of The World
Flat Iron Mesa
Poison Spider
Where Eagles Dare
Golden Spike
Moab Rim
Elephant Hill
Fins & Things
Onion Creek
7-Mile Rim

Southern Utah:
Hole In The Rock
On 35" x 12.5" tires:
Southern California/Johnson Valley:
Sledge Hammer
Jack Hammer
Fissure Mtn
Not Her Problem
Cougar Buttes

Click to view Instagram posts for #RCLTHD

Bookmark link: MarlinCrawler.com/RCLTHD/media

3G Taco on 40s (+2.75"), 4G 4R on 37s (+2.75")
@SlowestTacoma & @lostinthewoodst4r

4G 4Runner on 40s (+2.75") @4xfredwilliams

4G 4Runner on 37s (+2.75") @lostinthewoodst4r

4G 4Runner on 37s (+2.75") @lostinthewoodst4r

4G 4Runner on 37s (+2.75") @lostinthewoodst4r

5G 4Runner on 40s (+2.75") @amg_t4r

5G 4Runner on 40s (+2.75") @amg_t4r

5G 4Runner on 40s (+2.75") @amg_t4r

5G 4Runner on 35s (+2.75") @MarlinCrawler

5G 4Runner on 35s (+2.75") @MarlinCrawler

5G 4Runner on 37s (+2.75") @Colin

5G 4Runner on 37s (+2.75") @Colin

5G 4Runner on 40s (+2.75") @galactic__runner__

5G 4Runner on 40s (+2.75") @galactic__runner__

5G 4Runner on 35s (+2.75") @Psionicband

5G 4Runner on 37s (+2.75") @scavenger4r

5G 4Runner on 37s (+2.75") @scavenger4r

5G 4Runner on 37s (+2.75") @txoffgrid_overland

5G 4Runner on 37s (+2.75") @tandem.offroad

5G 4Runner on 38s (+2.75") @yoda.runner

5G 4Runner on 38s (+2.75") @yoda.runner

5G 4Runner on 35s (+2.75") @b.koepp

5G 4Runner on 35s (+2.75") @b.koepp

5G 4Runner on 37s (+2.75") @rspenk

5G 4Runner on 37s (+2.75") @mattastic1337

5G 4Runner on 37s (+2.75") @mattastic1337

FJ Cruiser on 37s (+2.75") @mcdonald_fj

FJ Cruiser on 40s (+2.75") @mcdonald_fj

FJ Cruiser on 37s (+2.75") @mickesqui

FJ Cruiser on 37s (+2.75") @mickesqui

FJ Cruiser on 37s (+2.75") @average.fj

FJ Cruiser on 37s (+2.75") @average.fj

FJ Cruiser on 37s (+2.75") @average.fj

FJ Cruiser on 37s (+2.75") @Niccum

FJ Cruiser on 40s (+2.75") @timberlineoffroad

Lexus GX470 on 37s (+2.75") @foyoduh

2x Lexus GX470 on 37s (+2.75")
@dckunz & @shannonjmurphy

2x Lexus GX470 on 37s (+2.75")
@dckunz & @shannonjmurphy

Lexus GX470 on 37s (+2.75") @franken470

Lexus GX470 on 37s (+2.75") @franken470

Lexus GX470 on 37s (+2.75") @shannonjmurphy

Lexus GX470 on 37s (+2.75") @mike.ehmann

Lexus GX470 on 35s (+2.75") @074gx

Lexus GX470 on 37s (+2.75") @074gx

Lexus GX470 on 37s (+2.75") @ozmanity

Lexus GX470 on 37s (+2.75") @ozmanity

2G Tacoma on 37s (+2.75") @a_tracalex

2G Tacoma on 37s (+2.75") @a_tracalex

2G Tacoma on 37s (+2.75") @a_tracalex

2G Tacoma on 37s (+2.75") @a_tracalex

2G Tacoma on 37s (+2.75") @bigbri_taco

2G Tacoma on 37s (+2.75") @bigbri_taco

2G Tacoma on 37s (+2.75") @bigbri_taco

3G Tacoma on 37s (+2.75") @badfish_papi

2G Tacoma on 37s (+2.75") @tac05

2G Tacoma on 37s (+2.75") @tac05

2G Tacoma on 40s (+2.75") @mfinkelstein

2G Tacoma on 40s (+2.75") @mfinkelstein

2G Tacoma on 40s (+2.75") @1108_fab

2G Tacoma on 40s (+2.75") @1108_fab

2G Tacoma on 40s (+2.75") @1108_fab

2G Tacoma on 40s (+2.75") JR

2G Tacoma on 40s (+2.75") JR

3G Tacoma on 38s (+3.50") @dirtlifestyle

3G Tacoma on 40s (+2.75") @pikespeakbomber

3G Tacoma on 40s (+2.75") @pikespeakbomber

3G Tacoma on 40s (+2.75") @trailfort

3G Tacoma on 40s (+2.75") @trailfort

3G Tacoma on 40s (+2.75") @JC Heng

3G Tacoma on 40s (+2.75") @JC Heng

3G Tacoma on 40s (+2.75") @luau.taco

3G Tacoma on 40s (+2.75") @luau.taco

3G Tacoma on 37s (+2.75") @dollhouse_adventures

3G Tacoma on 40s (+3.50") @SlowestTacoma

3G Tacoma on 40s (+3.50") @SlowestTacoma

3G Tacoma on 40s (+2.75") @SlowestTacoma

3G Tacoma on 40s (+3.50") @SlowestTacoma
Body mounts still in original location thanks to +2" forward IFS & Steering geometry

Various RCLT HD videos

The siiiick RCLT HD Dusy Experience (20:04m)

"It's the Future" RCLT HD (3:33m)


Preview of upcoming Dusy/Ershim Videos (1:28m)

This IFS flexes better than 88% of typical Jeeps (1:30m)


"Walking The Crawler" up an RTI Ramp (4:35m)

BigMike & SlowestTacoma Moab compilation (5:43m)


Additional video montage of SlowestTacoma (4:31m)

RCLT HD delivers RCLT HD (1:47m)


Testing Camera Equipment (14:21m)

Final RCLT HD Prototype (2:50m)


Impromptu RCLT HD Preview (11:29m)

RCLT HD Highlights from the 2020 Adventure Expo (4:52m)


RCLT HD Overview from King Of the Hammers (11:52m)

RCLT HD Overview from 2020 CAL4WD Convention (2:51m)

2003 V8 4Runner on 35s (+3.50" kit)








2003 V8 4Runner on 40s (+2.75" kit)

June 18, 2021: History was made as the first Long Travel IFS on 40s completed Fordyce, Northern California's most difficult trail, doing the entire trail in a V8 4Runner without any winching. Congratulations Fred & Dave from Dirt Every Day! Photo credit @harrysituations


"I can honestly say I was not sure how this beefy IFS was going to hold up. So far its very impressive. @marlincrawler RCLT is straddling big rocks, @rcvperformance axles are super strong! And the @arb4x4 air locker and @nitrogears are doing work. If it survives Fourdyce Im pretty sure its a winner."
— Fred Williams, Dirt Every Day


2006 V8 4Runner on 35s (+3.50" kit)

RCLT HD is the only IFS + Steering integrated system
strong enough for King Of The Hammers

RCLT HD placed 10th in the 2020 King Of the Hammers Every Man Competition (EMC) under a V8-powered 4Runner, becoming the first Toyota IFS to run both desert & rock crawling trail sections at the most abusive single-day off-road race on the planet!





2016 V6 Tacoma on 40s (+2.75" kit)



An RCLT HD on 40s flexing atop another RCLT HD on 40s

Product Endorsements

Shannon Campbell approved

At the 2020 King Of the Hammers, RCLT HD received an awesome endorsement from IFS Rock
Crawler and 3-time KOH Champion Shannon Campbell! Shannon races an 800 HP Ultra4 car with
IFS + 40" tires, and is the most successful competition IFS Rock Crawler around!

Del Albright approved

At the 2020 CAL4WD Convention, RCLT HD received another great vote of confidence
from Off-road Motorsports hall of famer and one of the largest land use advocates in
the country, Mr. Del Albright! Del is an incredible ambassador to off-road access and
runs professional off-road training and leadership programs. Please check out his
highly informative website at delalbright.com

Steve Sasaki approved

At the 2020 Fourwheeler Adventure Expo, RCLT HD got endorsed by Steve Sasaki
of PowerTank.com!! Steve said, "This is the new SAS for modern Toyota's."
Steve is the founder of Power Tank and has developed the best portable air system
for airing up tires, reseating beads, and running air tools out on the trail.
We have proudly carried his Power Tank products for close to 20 yrs
and highly recommend them: MarlinCrawler.com/powertank

Fred Williams approved

Also at the Adventure Expo, RCLT HD got endorsed by Fred Williams from
Motortrend's Dirt Every Day TV series!! Here is what Fred had to say:
"Marlin Crawler continues to innovate. What started with
gearing has evolved into a Toyota IFS for the Rock Crawler."

Thank you very much Fred and we absolutely LOVE watching your
show and working on your Toyota Rock Crawler "Clampy"!

What Parts are Included?

  • Exclusive access to online database for installations & 1-on-1 RCLT HD support

  • Heavy Duty Lower Control Arms, 2.75- or 3.50-inch longer than stock (5.50- or 7.00-inch track width increase)

  • Heavy Duty Double-sheer Upper Control Arms with adjustable caster

  • Heavy Duty Double-sheer Knuckles with unique geometry only compatible with a MarRack
    • Not compatible with factory racks or narrowed Tundra racks
    • Not compatible with sway bars or K.D.S.S.
    • Not compatible with 15- or 16-inch wheels (see FAQ for more details)

  • Heavy Duty 1-ton SAS-sized Double-sheer Steering Hardware

  • Mounting Templates, Sector Shaft Adapter, & Hardware to install a MarRack

  • Adjustable 15,000 lb-rated Limit Straps with Heat Treated Chromoly Ends

  • Military grade USA-made Steel Braided Brake Lines

  • Complete Hardware Kit

Please see the 'Required Parts' tab for remaining parts required to install RCLT HD.

Three Required Parts NOT Included

• MarRack Heavy Duty Steering Rack

The MarRack is a central component of RCLT HD and our Patent would not be complete without it. The 2003+ Toyota IFS System uses a light-duty steering rack that uses light-duty "fused" inner tie rods. These light-duty components are known to fail with 33" tires, and because 35" is the entry point into Rock Crawling, by definition your steering system MUST be upgraded if you wish to off-road with confidenc.

The MarRack is the first Heavy Duty Steering System that integrates with Long Travel in a way never previously done before. By using a 54% more massive and heavy-duty steering rack, we custom designed the first Long Tavel Kit with a geometrically integrated oversized steering system with new & improved geometry designed for lifted applications & focused on maximum strength. Our unbreakable double-sheer CNC billet steering arms provide 15% more steering power while reducing driver steering effort by 15%. Moreover, this unique design decreases stress acting on steering components from objects encountered on the trail. So not only are the parts stronger, but they also "feel" less stress from the road, a double win! Finally, the MarRack enables our knuckles to be pushed forward more than double any other Toyota LT for unparalleled Rock Crawling IFS performance!

The MarRack was originally designed from the strongest Koyo Seiko steering rack used on a non-commercial vehicle and was meant to be a custom bolt-in Marlin Crawler product. We sent designs to Japanese and US rack manufactures but ultimately could not make a custom rack at a competitive price. As a result, we altered our design to the "MarRack 2.0", now sourced from a 2008-2021 200-series Land Cruiser. Compared to a 2nd gen Tundra rack, the MarRack is stronger, larger, increased cooling capacity, and has three frame mounts instead of two. Best of all, the MarRack never needs to be custom narrowed because we built the proper steering geometry into RCLT HD! As such, RCLT HD is patented as the ONLY LT Kit compatible with a full-width steering rack. Click to read more from our Q&A.

Standard Build: $300 (remanufactured)

Due to inferior bushing design and inconsistent high pressure line fitting tolerances, we no longer recommend remanufactured racks or racks with double D bushings. Please see this image for reference.

Ultimate Build: $650 (brand-new genuine Toyota)

Genuine Toyota P/N 44200-60170. Random examples shown, pricing as of 12/14/22
MC George Toyota » $614.44 (link, Richmond, Virginia)
Toyota Parts Deal » $631.25 (link, Nation-wide dealer network)
Olathe Toyota » $631.71 (link, Olathe, Kansas)
Your Local Dealership » $928.99 (link, Nation-wide dealer network)

Note 2010+ SUV: Late-model 4Runner/FJ Cruiser left diff bracket must be replaced with an early SUV or Tacoma bracket, Toyota SKU 52380-04061. Used ~$50 or new ~$150. See Instructions > Page 13 for details.

Compared to other LT setups, the MarRack is the only new expense. Should you ever need to refresh your steering, simply pick-up an over-the-counter LC rack (Toyota or Lexus Dealer/Advance Auto/AutoZone/CarQuest/NAPA/O'Reilly/RockAuto/etc), swap our parts, and install.

• Longer Axles

Standard Build (for tire sizes up to 35"): $750
RCV Chromoly Replacement Inner Shafts
RCV is currently only offering +3.50" replacement inner shafts. Please call them for details at (815) 877-7473

Ultimate Build (35" tires or larger): $2,199.95 (pricing as of 11/28/22)
RCV Ultimate CV Set
Complete replacement set using unbreakable Dana 60 35-spline 300M Chromoly with a limited lifetime warranty.

RCV Ultimate IFS
Set, +2.75"

RCV Ultimate IFS
Set, +3.50"

• Longer Coil-overs

2.5-inch LT coil-over with a 24.5" extended length and 8" stroke (or equivalent) with lower misalignment spacers designed for 12" hardware and a 1.50" lower mount width. A "Long Travel" coil-over is not a set definition and manufactures use different specs for their own LT parts. Just know that a shock which is too long (such as a 9" stroke) will limit up-travel, and a shock too short will limit down-travel. The same coil-over may be used with either +2.75 or +3.50" kit, just note that you may want to add slight coil preload when using the longer +3.50" kit to account for the added leverage.

For best results we recommend Radflo.com coil-overs which have been custom built by our own specifications in testing and tuning RCLT HD and have a true 8.0-inch stroke. We also recommend ICON. There are other Long Travel shock manufacturers/options, but please verify specifications & fitment prior to ordering. See FAQ for more details.

Radflo Coilover with
Remote Reservoir

Radflo Coilover with
Remote Reservoir and
Compression Adjuster

• Other/Optional Requirements

  • Update Summer 2022: Our HD Knuckles now use Toyota's larger M14 caliper hardware found on 2015 and newer SUV applications. This means 2014 and older SUVs and all Tacoma applications will need to order four Toyota 90105-14198 caliper bolts and upgrade existing caliper through-holes using 916" drill. Each caliper flange has a lot of surface area and drilling one size up has no impact to safety or brake performance. (Optionally, you may choose to upgrade to larger 2015+ 4Runner/GX460 M14 calipers with matching 2010+ 4Runner/GX460 rotors for an OEM "Big Brake" setup.)

  • Update Spring 2023: We are aware of a 2005+ Tacoma brake rotor-to-side of knuckle slight interference issue and are addressing the issue in future knuckles. For the time being, please double-check if your Tacoma rotor contacts your knuckles, and if so, lightly grind contact area and touch-up with spray paint, or see use a thin shim from Instructions Appendix A12, or upgrade to larger 2010+ 4Runner/GX460 rotors with matching 2010-2014 M12 hardware 4Runner/GX460 calipers or 2015+ M14 hardware 4Runner/GX460 calipers for kits shipped since Summer 2022 with M14 caliper hardware Knuckles.

Total Cost Overview (at time of launch)

"At time of launch, the price goal for a complete DIY turn-key RCLT HD installation will come in
at less than just the shop labor charge to do an SAS, which is often $10K or more." — BigMike

Standard installation of RCLT HD:
$286.79 (reman. MarRack) + $750 (Inner Axle Shafts) + $1,679.95 (Icon Coil overs) = $2,716.74
$6,999 (introductory price) RCLT HD + $2,716.74 needed parts = $9,715.74 total DIY install

Ultimate installation of RCLT HD:
$461.03 (OEM MarRack) + $2,195 (Ultimate CV Set) + $1,974.00 (Radflo, adj.)     = $4,630.03
$6,999 (introductory price) RCLT HD + $4,630.03 needed parts = $11,629.03 total DIY install

Tools required to install RCLT HD include a welder, grinder, drill, and simple hand tools. The total amount of welding is only around 25" inches of weld and can be done with home garage welders.

Example Installation

Below is what an Ultimate Build parts collection looks like. Depending on your home market these parts combined cost less than just the labor charge of a Solid Axle Swap, and while RCLT HD is more difficult to install than other LT kits, it may be installed by the home mechanic capable of drilling a hole and welding upside down.

Installation ready to go! Photo credit: RCLT HD Unboxing (YouTube, 9:35m)

2011 Tacoma Example: Stock vs RCLT HD front + 3" Expedition Leaf Springs rear + 40s

The days of this truck breaking steering racks, tie rods, knuckles, & CVs are over, even with 40s

RCLT HD Installation Instructions

Bookmark link: MarlinCrawler.com/RCLTHD/instructions

Click to downloadv1.09 • 53-pages, 9.10 MB PDF • Updated: 4/18/23 • View Change Log

General Use Disclaimer

  • RCLT HD is designed for Off-Road use
  • RCLT HD is not compatible with anti-roll bars resulting in increased body roll
    • Disabling traction control may improve slow-speed city driving
  • Whenever you lift a vehicle its center of gravity increases becoming more prone to roll over
  • Whenever you lift a vehicle its frontal area increases which may result in a drop in fuel economy
  • If you fit larger-than-stock tires, your braking distance may increase
  • If you fit larger-than-stock tires without regearing your differentials, your speedometer may be off

On-Site Installation Service

We are setup and ready to install your RCLT HD here at Marlin Crawler! Give us a call at (559) 252-7295 to get your install scheduled right where it was born!

Installation Videos

RCLT HD has been installed by many shops across multiple continents, and here are some videos from the community. If you have an install video you'd like added, then please post it to the Owners Club!

RCLT HD Installation, by Dirt Lifestyle

Installing the Marlin Crawler RCLT-HD Long Travel on our V8 4Runner, by Sherpa Motorsports
"If you can drill a hole and weld upside down, you can install RCLT HD" — Nate, Dirt Lifestyle

Install Overview by Ozark Overland Outfitters

RCLT HD Unboxing by @furthur_off_road and @a_tracalex
"I'm a big straight-axle guy, but this setup is second to none." — Ozark Overland

Install Part 1 - Disassembly, by @a_tracalex

Install Part 2 - Assembly, by @a_tracalex

"When you hold the knuckles it's obvious these are not going to break." — Mountain Yotas

Marlin Crawler RCLT HD +3.5" on a 3rd Gen Tacoma, by Mountain Yotas

Instructions Change Log

v1.09 - Released 4/18/2023
97 total changes (according to plain-text file compare utility)
Added info on using Chisel to remove LH rack bushing
Added QR code to view Air Chisel Bushing Removal video demonstration
Added QR code to view optional Blow Torch Bushing Removal video demonstration
Added QR code to MarRack HD Center Mount Upgrade Kit
Added QR code to view extra pictures and info on modifying steering sector shaft
Added improved picture and information for MarRack Line Adapter installation
Added Brake Caliper installation info for improved M14 mount hardware
Added QR code to view extra pictures and info on custom Bump Stop installations
Added QR code to view Simple Caster Adjustment video demonstration
Added SUV table data for expected Caster alignment measurements
Changed Brake Line to Brake Hose to comply with Toyota terminology
Removed dry torque specifications from tabled data to prevent confusion
Removed depreciated references to Secondary Shock Mount
Updated A7 Hardware Specs to reflect larger M14 caliper hardware
Readability and detail improvements
Pages: 53, Figures: 119
v1.08 - Released 7/28/2022
162 total changes
Improved Table Of Contents display
Added new LCA washer info to parts reference table
Added hole saw as optional method for MarRack frame clearancing
Added Image of hole saw cut
Added measurement detail of re-centering MarRack
Added front differential pinion mount nut torque spec
Added HD Knuckle bore grease info
Updated new LCA Washer type 'F'
Changed "Silicone-Teflon" grease requirement to "Water-resistant"
Appendix A6 - Added Bump Stop info
NEW: Appendix A13 - High Speed Use Tips
Some readability and detail improvements
Pages: 53, Figures: 119
v1.07 - Released 11/18/2021
116 total changes
Increased estimated install time one day for inexperienced shops
Added additional Engine Mount Clearance notes, photo credit @lostinthewoodst4r
Copied Appendix A4's Seal Orientation Reference to HD Knuckle Preparation
Added info regarding removing debris from brake rotor mount surface
Added Appendix A12 for Brake Rotor Interference Troubleshooting
Minor other readability improvements
Pages: 52, Figures: 118
v1.06 - Released 10/8/2021
106 total changes
Fixed multiple page and reference number errors
Improved readability of Power Steering Flush
Improved readability of MarRack O-Ring Conversion
Improved readability of Hydro Bump Stop option
Improved Bushing Torch image
Improved Speed Sensor Harness routing image
Added note about LCA Steering Stop Limit
Added Seal Orientation Reference to Appendix A4
Minor other readability improvements
Pages: 51, Figures: 117
Website: Updated "Click to View" image
v1.05 - Released 9/9/2021
255 total changes
Added Version Number and QR code to front page
Added 2010+ SUV LH Differential Mount Instructions
Expanded MarRack Line Adapter to 2010+ SUV applications
Improved images of MarRack Line Adapter
Improved description of MarRack ITR removal options
Improved description of MarRack to oil pan clearance for V8 applications
Added image of non-VVT-i 8cyl MarRack oil pan clearance, photo credit @lostinthewoodst4r
Added image for torching out steering rack bushing, photo credit @4xfredwilliams
Added section to record final Sector Shaft measurements
Improved image of optional Hydro Bump Stop setup, photo credit @lostinthewoodst4r
Added more RCLT HD action photos, 5th gen 4Runner photo credit @acardena13
Minor readability and detail improvements
Pages: 51, Figures: 117
Website: Added Instructions Change Log
Website: Created easy to remember URL: MarlinCrawler.com/RCLTHD/instructions
v1.04 - Released 6/21/2021
128 total changes
Added Middle Caster Position Measurements
Many readability and detail improvements
Pages: 50, Figures: 109
v1.03 - Released 6/20/2021
183 total changes
Added Body Mount and Fender Clearancing Notes
Added Coil Spring Rate Notes
Added different MarRack ITR removal options
Improved view of MarRack Frame Insert Illustration
Improved Compression Sleeve Identification
Added Routine Maintenance
Improved Break In Procedure
Improved Closing Notes
Readability and detail improvements
Added RCLT HD action photos
Pages: 50, Figures: 109
v1.02 - Released 6/13/2021
147 total changes
Added comprehensive Checklist
Improved Knuckle Assembly Instructions
Added instructions for rare LCA-to-Rear Frame Mount Interference
Added Caster Adjust Feature Details
Improved Axle Nut Torque Instructions
Themed Torque Tables
Added Heavy Duty Frame Brace Kit Reference
Readability and detail improvements
Pages: 49, Figures: 106
v1.01 - Released 6/10/2021
12 total changes
Minor corrections
Pages: 48, Figures: 106
v1.00 - Released 6/9/2021
First Official Release!
115 total changes
Simplified Estimated Installation Time breakdown
Updated Superseded Toyota OEM Oil Seal Part Numbers
Improved Prado frame identification
Finished Tools Required sections
Readability and detail improvements
Pages: 48, Figures: 106
Third & Final Release Candidate
283 total changes
Added Estimated Installation Time breakdown
Added LCA Compression Sleeve Application Information
Improved LCA Compression Sleeve Images
Many readability and detail improvements
Pages: 48, Figures: 106
Second Release Candidate
71 total changes
Added Power Steering System Flush Images
Added Toyota OEM Oil Seal Images
Added Limit Strap Images
Added ABS Harness Image
Added Caliper Hard Line Image
Added "Simple ±1° Caster Adjust Without Removing Tire" Procedure
Added units to various torque measurements
Readability and detail improvements
Pages: 48, Figures: 104
Initial Release Candidate
First four installations performed with RC1!
Pages: 48, Figures: 99

Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers

WARNING: Products we sell can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.p65warnings.ca.gov.