Low Profile Bump Stops

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RCLT HD Low Profile Bump StopRCLT HD Low Profile Bump Stop Installed!RCLT HD Low Profile Bump Stop Installed!

This is a pair of Low Profile (Button-head) Bump Stops made by Energy Suspension, p/n 9.9102.

Please see Page 34 Step 7 of RCLT HD Install Instructions for how to properly use these parts for the "Option C" install method which is only intended for basic off-roading.

    Diameter: 2.0"
    Height: 11/16"
    Stud: 3/8"-16 x 1" long
    Material: Energy Suspension's Hyper Flex Performance Polyurethane
    Nuts: 2x Nylock locking nuts included

Sold as a pair.

Installing RCLT HD with these Low Profile Bump Stops will result in a limited amount of travel. For example, the 2.75" kit will only achieve 11.6" maximum travel at the hub with these bump stops, and we recommend limiting this to 11.0" to not over-stress your CV joints. See the below video for more details.

Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers

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