Limit Strap Adjustable Clevis

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SKU: MCSU-181912

This is an adjustable clevis for use with a limit strap, or other tethered device. It has a 1/2" diameter threaded shank with 9/16" strap mount bolt and machined aluminum bushings, allowing up to 3 straps to be used per clevis.

We like using adjustable clevises because straps stretch approx. 1" for every 12" of strap length, so you can recover the slack once the strap is broken in, and also you may fine tune your down-travel, easily setting your droop amount prior to CV joint bind.

Always position the clevis so that the load being pulled is in-line with the clevis shank as much possible to prevent bending and possible strap mount failure.

Adjustable length range is about 1.75" to 4.50", allowing the possibility of fitting ±1" longer or shorter strap.

Sold individually and assembled as shown.

Two clevis sets are included with RCLT HD.

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