Brake Hose Kit for RCLT HD

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This is a complete kit for RCLT HD or other Long Travel setups requiring a 16" long heavy duty brake hose.

Made in the USA by Crown Performance and feature a strong one-piece crimp design, UV protection layer, stainless steel braid, protection layer, Kevlar braid, and finally a teflon inner core to minimize internal friction.

Kit includes:
2x 16" Long Travel IFS Brake Hoses
2x Zinc coated Frame Mount Bracket
4x Zinc coated Brake Hose Clip

One kit is included with RCLT HD.

Product info from Crown Performance:
Since the mid 90's Crown Performance Brake Hoses have been used in the United States Armed Forces including the Navy, Army, Marines, and Air Force. These brake hoses are made in the USA and exceed the Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Standard MVSS-106. Increases safety and brake responsiveness due to no appreciable volumetric expansion in the brake hose.

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