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USA-made using USA-steel!

We offer our Flip Kit U-Bolts individually. This is great for those who already have flipped their u-bolts or are looking for spare parts. These are not factory replacement u-bolts and will only work when flipped (click here to learn more). Sold individually and accepts 9/16" by 18 tpi hardware. Gold galvanized to ensure long life and a clean fit. Designed to fit a 3" axle tub housing.

Three styles are offered:

  • Square for 1980-85 front axles, passenger side.
  • Round short length for rear 1979-95 axles.
  • Round long length for front axles.

Toyota applications include:

  • Rear axles require (4) round short u-bolts.
  • 1979-83 front axles require (3) short and (1) long round u-bolts.
  • 1984-85 front axles require (2) round long and (2) square u-bolts.

Basic dimensions include:

  • U-Bolt diameter: 9/16
  • Round short overall height: 8"
  • Round short thread height: 3"
  • Round long overall height: 9"
  • Round long thread height: 5"
  • Square overall height: 8"
  • Square thread height: 3"