Front or Rear Bushing Kit for FJ40 Land Cruiser

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SKU: MCSU-1711

We are happy to offer this High Quality Energy Suspension USA-made Polyurethane Spring Bushing and Shackle Kit for your 1963-1980 FJ40 Land Cruiser. This is a great kit with enough bushings to service either the front or rear leaf springs and shackles, bringing your rig up to date with high quality polyurethane components for improved ride, comfort, and durability.

Factory bushings are constructed of rubber that breaks down over time and exposure to the elements. As they break down, they become less effective at supporting the chassis over the axles. In extreme circumstances, worn suspension bushings can cause excessive axle play including the well know 'death wobble' effect. These bushings are made from a special polyurethane blend resistant to vehicle fluids and road grime, and precision-engineered to far outlast stock bushings.

This kit is intended to fit stock components. If you have aftermarket leaf springs or shackles that use stock bushings, then this kit will work!

One kit only services one end of your Cruiser. The kits are interchangeable between front and rear, and two kits are required to service one complete FJ40 Cruiser. Includes instructions and installation grease.

Application: 1963-1980 FJ40 Land Cruiser

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