Spindle Steering Stop Cap

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Spindle Steering Stop Cap, SideSpindle Steering Stop Cap, Inner

Genuine Toyota Spindle Steering Stop Cap for 1986-1995 Independent Front Torsion Bar Suspensions.

These factory plastic caps go over your steering limit-stop bolts and insulate them from the metal-to-metal connection of the lower A-arm.

Their purpose: As your IFS moves through it's range of travel, thanks to the lower ball joint the spindle pivots into and away from it's lower A-arm. This causes the spindle steering stop bolt to ride up and down in relation to it's limit block located on the A-arm. This is why the limit block on each A-arm is so wide: To accommodate the large range of movement of each limit stop bolt. This up-and-down movement causes the limit bolt to grind with each limit block causing wear, rust, and a lot of noise!

If you have a lot of squeaking from your IFS during full steering lock + suspension movement, this will eliminate it! All new Toyota trucks came with these and they were designed for a reason: Put em to use and stop the squeaks today!

Two required per side, four per vehicle.