25mm Steering Pin Upgrade, Kit

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Marlin Crawler has revolutionized the Toyota 4WD industry again, this time with the strongest 1979-85 Toyota steering pivot system in the world.

Our new Competition Series Steering Upgrade Kit replaces the stock wimpy 17mm pivots with beefy 25mm Chromoly pins. These days with larger tires and hydro-assist steering systems, we often come across Toyota axles with blown up knuckle bearings or even worse, sheared knuckle pivot pins. The Marlin Crawler solution to this weakness starts with pivot pins that are 47% larger than stock and High-Capacity knuckle bearings that are 54% stronger with an increased contact area. These puppies are nearly the same size as Dana 60 parts!!

Next we replace the stock flimsy lower caps with an incredibly stout solid billet version.

Then we finish it off by replacing the long and exposed stud design with grade 12.9 cap bolts and serrated conical washers made in Germany. The end results is an increase in ground clearance by as much as 3/4", measuring only 1" thick!

  • CNC machined Solid Billet Steel Arms made right here in America
  • 25mm High Strength Chromoly knuckle pivot pins, made in America
    • 116% larger cross-sectional area than stock
    • We use a 78% larger 1-inch diameter pin-to-arm connection
    • The largest and strongest pin-to-arm connection on the market!
  • 54% stronger KOYO High-Capacity knuckle bearings made in Japan
  • Billet lower cap using grade 12.9 studs increases ground clearance up to 3/4"
  • Installs without any axle modifications!
  • Over 28 years of High Steer Experience
Marlin Crawler Competition Series Parts
Marlin Crawler Steering Pin Test Rig Marlin Crawler Steering Pin Test Rig

Would you put your stock Toyota parts to this kind of abuse? Here our Tundra V8-powered test rig bashes its 42-inch Pitbull ROCKER tires into the ground, defiled by Marlin Crawler Competition Series parts!

This Kit contains only the required parts to upgrade your existing High Steer system to a Competition Series Marlin Crawler High Steer system. Fully compatible with stock knuckles and axle housing.

Only compatible with Marlin Crawler High Steer arms. To install simply press out our old Chromoly 17mm pivot pin and press in our new Chromoly 25mm pivot pin. Other company's Cast and forged arms are NOT compatible.

This kit is also available with Billet High Steer Arms: Click here for more info.

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