Marlin Crawler Transfer Case

This is the ORIGINAL Gear Drive Transfer Case Bible
written by Marlin Czajkowski back in the 90s.

Type 1-A Carb 4Cyl

Type 1-B Carb 4Cyl

Type 1-C Carb 4Cyl

Type 2-A Carb 4Cyl

Type 2-B Carb 4Cyl

Type 3 EFI 4Cyl

Type 4 Turbo EFI 4Cyl

Type 5 PTO EFI 4Cyl

Type 6-A EFI 4Cyl

Type 6-B EFI 4Cyl

How to ID Gear Drive Case

If you have 7 bolts in the rear cover then you have the gear driven unit.
If you have 5 bolts holding the rear cover then you have the chain drive unit.
Bolt #7 is behind the drive shaft and can't be seen in this picture.

Top vs Forward Shift

In both photos the transmission and transfer case have been separated to show where one ends and the other starts. It also helps show the shift forks on the forward shift setup. The left photo shows a top shifting transfer case and transmission. Notice the tcase shifter comes out of the top of the tcase. The transmission has just one shifter. Notice there are no forks on the front of the tcase. The right photo is a forward shift transfer case. Notice the block off plate on top of the case. This unit is shifted through two rails that connect to the transmission. A forward shift transmission like this one has two shifters, one for the tranny and one for the tcase. Click photos for larger image.

The block off plate of a forward shift style tcase can be seen from under the vehicle. From under the truck on the driver side look up at the transfer case to see the block off plate.

Top Shift

Forward Shift

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