30th Annual TLCA Rubithon Sales Event!

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Rubithon Site-wide Sales Event!

One of Marlin's favorite annual events is the Toyota Land Cruiser Association's Rubithon, which is well recognized as one of the largest Toyota-specific Rubicon events. This year's Rubithon is a milestone event, now in its 30th year, and we're celebrating by offering a full one-week site-wide discount code!

Enter code Rubithon30 during check-out
to receive 10% off your entire web order!

* offer ends this Sunday, June 24

Marlin loves this event so much that in 30 years he has only missed
two events, and was a participant of the very first event back in 1989!

Marlin attending the 1st annual TLCA Rubithon, shown here spotting for close friend Mark Algazy

While we don't have all of our 28 Rubithon picture galleries online, here are the last four!

Marlin has been wheel'n the 'Con in his same Crawler Truck since the early 80s!

Marlin Crawler is a Lifetime TLCA supporting member, since 1983

Additional News

We are now a full Tepui Tent and Accessory Dealer!

If you've been looking for a Roof-top tent, check out Tepui's online catalog and then give us
a call! Tepui is only a few hours away from us and we can submit your order with Tepui today!
We are the only family-operated company selling Tepui tents in all of central California!

We have expanded our VisionX line into a full Dealer!

If you've been looking for High Quality LED Lighting of all kinds, then check out
VisionX's online catalog and then give us a call! We've been running VisionX lights
ourselves since 2013 and love them! We have access to all VisionX products, so
give us a call and we'll get your new lights ordered today!

We have expanded our RCV line into a full Dealer!

If you've been looking for the absolute strongest front and rear axles on the planet then we've
got you covered with RCV! We can now not only get Toyota axles but also can order axles for
domestic applications such as Dodge, Ford, GM, Jeep, plus others such as Suzuki, Nissan,
Mercedes, and Land Rover! Got a UTV? Yup, we can order custom axles for you too!

Please check out RCV's full online catalog and then
give us a call and we can get what you need ordered up!


Marlin Crawler Media

Our latest video showcases how the TacoBox greatly improves your off-road
experience by contrasting the differences between...

Stock Low Range vs. Double Low Range vs. Quintuple Low Range

...which is the full gauntlet of speeds you get when you install our TacoBox!

How the TacoBox improves your truck's off-road capability

BigMike will have this truck (now on 40s + IFS + Triple Transfer Case) at TLCA's Rubithon Event
next week, and if you're planning on attending then look for it in Camp Marlin Crawler behind the
kitchen area! BigMike would love to demo the TacoBox for you and answer any questions in person!