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If you are looking for a new way to keep the cans cold and your meals frozen, look no further! Customizing installations to suit individual configurations is a breeze with the new ZERO range. Five different sizes, quick-release lids, single or dual-zone, DC-power inlets front and rear, AC power conveniently positioned on the front for a quick connection, even pouring a drink is easy with the anti-slip lid inserts that have a provision for your glass and bottle. No need to worry about your mobile phone going dead, the Zero Fridge will look after that too via the easy access 3000ma USB-charge point right next to the display – we thought of everything!

The fridge/freezer features front and rear DC inlets which give the user more freedom when mounting the fridge in the car or camper. For extra convenience, the portable fridges also feature a front AC inlet for home or powered-site connection and a handy USB 5V outlet to charge your USB powered devices. Download the app to monitor or control the fridge wirelessly.

If you are looking for a new way to keep the cans cold and your meals frozen, look no further than ARB's new ZERO Fridge Freezer. Travel for longer periods without restocking!

The latest addition to ARB Fridge range is jam-packed with unique features to make your outdoor experience as carefree as possible. Available in either single- or dual-zone, and in a range of five different sizes, the ARB ZERO Fridge/Freezer is a must-have for anyone in need of a premium cooling product for your next off-road adventure!

Features and Benefits

  • Zones can be set to fridge, freeze, or off
    • 38qt, 47qt, and 63qt models are Single-zone
    • 73qt and 101qt models are Dual-zone
  • Removable compartment divider and internal lid (73qt dual-zone model only)
  • Integrated wireless monitoring & control via compatible Bluetooth-enabled devices (Android, iOS, & ARB LINX)
  • Boost function for rapid cool-down
  • Anti-condensation technology
  • Highly-efficient, variable-speed compressor
  • Convenient USB 5V, 3000mA outlet for charging mobile devices (fridge must be connected to DC or AC power source for charging)
  • Dual-DC power inlet at opposing ends for customized installations
  • Front-AC power inlet for quick home or powered-site connection
  • Tough, durable, steel outer casing
  • Full height corner moldings for added protection
  • Recessed carry handles with integrated tie-down points
  • Quick-release lid with non-slip glass/bottle provision
    • 36qt and 47qt model has a front-facing lid
    • 63qt, 73qt, and 101qt models have a reversible, side-opening lid
  • Easy-view LED display
  • Low power draw LED interior lights
  • Versatile, removable internal basket system with provision for tall items/bottles
  • Cooling Capacity: -7.6° F to +50° F
  • Power: 12/24V DC, (100/120)/240 V AC
  • Current draw: 0.8 Ah (12v set to 41° F, 90° ambient)
  • Automatic low voltage power cutoff to prevent depleting your battery

Below is a gallery of available sizes. Please select an image for a larger view!

38 Quart

Exterior dimensions:
(L) 27.0" (W) 17.0" (H) 17.0"
Weight: 48.7 lb

47 Quart

Exterior dimensions:
(L) 26.6" (W) 16.7" (H) 19.5"
Weight: 53.1 lb

63 Quart

Exterior dimensions:
(L) 29.7" (W) 18.5" (H) 19.5"
Weight: 61.3 lb

73 Quart

Exterior dimensions:
(L) 29.7" (W) 18.5" (H) 22.2"
Weight: 72.8 lb

101 Quart

Exterior dimensions:
(L) 36.8" (W) 21.6" (H) 20"
Weight: 82 lb


All models feature Bluetooth connectivity! (Android, iOS, & ARB LINX)

ARB's application is a free download from your phone's app store. US links below:
View app on Apple App Store • View app on Google Play

Here is ZERO Fridge promotional video. This video is a few
years old and ARB has changed model sizes since then.

Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers

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