Marlin Crawler Round-Up Registration


19th Annual Marlin Crawler Round-Up
Sep 17-19, 2021 • Rubicon Springs, California
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Welcome to the Marlin Crawler Round-Up!

The Marlin Crawler Round-Up is one of the largest Toyota-based 4WD events in the world. Held every fall on the world-famous Rubicon Trail, the Round-Up has developed into the premiere trail-ride sponsor for the Rubicon Trail, with more than 200 rigs and 300 people participating each year.

Unique Customer Appreciation Experience

This event was first held in the fall of 2001 as a way for Marlin to thank his customers for their support and trust in his products. It was a simple, free event & included a BBQ lunch. After 2003, our appreciation was expanded to include trail repair and future health efforts of the Rubicon Trail. The event has seen tremendous growth ever since!

Each year participants from the Marlin Crawler Community take on the grueling 17-mile Rubicon Trail on an epic journey to the beautiful and historic Springs Campground. Part of the uniqueness and excitement of the event is how members from our large online community forum come together for the first time, putting faces to usernames and getting to see Build Projects in person. The event has attracted forum members from as far away as Florida & Hawaii, as well as international members from Canada, Japan, Denmark, Germany, and Australia! But the event isn’t only for Marlin Crawler forum members and Toyota owners! Rigs of all bolt sizes are always on hand and are sure to turn heads! If your rig is Rubicon-capable, then please register today! We’d love to wheel the ‘Con with ya!

How the Round-Up supports the Rubicon Trail

The Marlin Crawler Round-Up supports the Rubicon Trail by splitting event proceeds with the Rubicon Trail Foundation and the Rubicon Trail department of El Dorado County. Both organizations commit 100% of Round-Up proceeds to the Rubicon Trail, and representatives from both organizations will be on-site to field questions about how your raffle proceeds will be used to improve the future use and health of the Rubicon Trail!

Rubicon Trail Foundation's Website

How Funds are used:
Helicopter/Friends Of The Rubicon/Educational/volunteer support, liaison for El Dorado & Tahoe Counties, obtaining approval for projects, purchasing supplies to maintain the trail, and on-going access to RTF Property.


El Dorado County's Rubicon Trail Website

How Funds are used:
Comprehensive Rubicon Trail maintenance and repair projects (see impressive below links) as well as providing free Wag Bag and Spill Kits for all Rubicon Trail users. Comprehensive trail projects and annual trail reports available online.

Come join the fun!

This September we'll be celebrating our 19th year of giving back to the Rock Crawling community. Whether you enter the trail from Loon Lake or from Tahoe Lake, get ready for an event to remember!

  • 2.5-mile Nature Hike with Marlin Crawler
  • Mechanics Repair Station
  • Award Ceremony
  • Horseshoe Tournament
  • Frisbee Golf Tournament
  • R/C Rock Crawl Competition

We are planning a delicious Tri-tip dinner, Award Ceremony, a Rubicon Trail benefiting Raffle, and a multi-item Grand Prize Marlin Crawler Raffle. All proceeds from this event will be donated specifically for the Rubicon Trail. To date, $140,682 has been raised and donated by this event to the Rubicon Trail!

MCR16 Video Review! (Sept 2017)

Current List Of Registrants (updated 7/16)

NameState     Rig
1.Derrick YCA1996 80-series LC
2.Stephen HKY1985 4Runner
3.Stephen HKY1991 Pickup
4.Misael TCA1983 Pickup
5.Michael WCA1993 4Runner
6.Christopher WCA1985 4Runner
7.Troy SCA1989 4Runner
8.William LCA1983 Jeep CJ8
9.William HCA1984 Pickup
10.Mitchell CNV1981 Pickup
11.Jennifer RCA1988 4Runner
12.Ryan ACA1991 Pickup
13.Christopher BCA1986 4Runner
14.Andres ACA2016 Tacoma
15.Gilbert WNV1983 Pickup
16.Kevin HCO1999 Tacoma
17.Sal BCA1991 4Runner
18.Tony LCA1995 4Runner
19.Ryan BCA1987 Pickup
20.Robert CCA1985 Pickup
21.Ray FCA1985 Pickup
22.Keith NCA1989 Pickup
23.Joel DCA1985 Pickup
24.Scott RNV1986 Pickup
25.Jamie KAB1985 Pickup
NameState     Rig
26.Nicholas PWA1987 4Runner
27.Jessie DCA1986 4Runner
28.Bernard MCA1986 Samurai
29.Mike SCA2003 Tacoma
30.Will WCA1997 80-series LC
31.Jesse PCA1997 Pickup
32.Michael ZCA2007 FJ Cruiser
33.Ryan TCA2021 Buggy
34.Tony HCA1997 4Runner
35.Dannette HCA1987 4Runner
36.Amber HCA1988 Samurai
37.Benjamin BCA1974 Truggy
38.Corey SCA1985 4Runner
39.Jason LCA1985 Pickup
40.Preston CCA1985 Pickup
41.Chris GCA1987 4Runner
42.Dalton HCA2002 Tacoma
43.Dalton HCA2002 Tacoma
44.Rylee LCA2011 FJ Cruiser
45.Ignacio GCA1968 FJ40
46.David FCA1990 Pickup
47.Justin SCA1987 Samurai
48.Robert LCA1984 Pickup
49.Ralph CNV1996 80-series LC
50.Daniel SNV2001 Jeep TJ
NameState     Rig
51.Steve JCA1985 4Runner
52.Airek ECA1981 Pickup
53.Gary BCA1998 Tacoma
54.Josh RCA2007 FJ Cruiser
55.Charles BAZ1990 Pickup
56.Larry ANV1986 4Runner
57.Ken POR1976 Jeep CJ7
58.Ben WNV1988 Pickup
59.Daniel ONV1935 Pickup
60.Andy HCA1984 Pickup
61.Larry KCA1985 Pickup
62.Eric ACA1971 FJ40
63.Dion MCA Pickup
64.Daniel BCA1991 4Runner
65.Cody DCA1986 Pickup
66.Gurvinder SCA1985 4Runner
67.Erick POR2016 Tacoma
68.Garrett MCA1986 4Runner
69.Kenneth LCA1996 4Runner
70.Casey SCA1987 Samurai
71.Daniel SCA
72.William RCA1998 Tacoma
73.Cameron HCA2002 Tacoma

Vehicle break-down thus far (not including MC staff):
Hilux Pickup:26
Hilux 4Runner:18
Prado 4Runner:2
FJ Cruiser:3
Land Cruiser, 40-series:     3
Land Cruiser, 80-series:3
Suzuki Samurai:4

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