Knuckle Alignment Tool

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SKU: TOY-09634-60014

The Toyota Knuckle Alignment Tool is finally here! It is important to know what shims to run when rebuilding your front knuckles, and this Special Service Tool from Toyota is the authentic way to get the job done. The shims control the alignment of your knuckle with your axle housing. If not shimmed properlly, then your birfields, inner axle seals, spindle bushings and locking hubs will be out of alignment and will experience excessive wear and may even bind.

Don't let this happen to your investment! Take out all the guess work and save yourself time and money with this Genuine Toyota Service Tool.

Please note: This Toyota SST is only compatible with 17mm knuckle bearings. You will have to create shims to use this with our Heavy Duty 25mm knuckle bearings.

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