54mm Socket

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Our 54mm Socket features a 3/8" ratchet drive and was designed just for removing and reinstalling Toyota 54mm spindle nuts. This is an important tool for servicing and maintaining your solid axle front end.

Many of the front axles we build require a new pair of spindle nuts because the previous R&R had been performed with screw drivers or chisels as the spindle nut R&R tool. This improper use leaves the spindle nuts with deep gouges and prevents proper preload for the wheel bearings and outer spindle nut torque. Get the most miles out of your wheel bearings and knuckle components by using a proper tool for the job!

The FSM calls for 6-8 lbs of preload for you wheel bearings and the outer spindle nut being torqued down to 34 ft-lbs.

Sold separately. This is our older product photo. New design is similar and comes powder coated black. Updated photo coming soon

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