Red Line Heavy Shockproof Synthetic Gear Oil

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Red Line's Full-Synthetic Shockproof Gear Oil is unlike anything you've tried before. The first thing you'll notice is that the bottle lacks a weight rating. This is because Red Line's Shockproof technology is completely different from conventional lubricant technology. First, in high pressure use such as slow Rock Crawling, the special design of this oil reduces the thinning effect and metal-to-metal contact producing an effective rating of a 250-weight gear oil. Then, as RPMs increase, it provides three-times the viscosity in thin layers found in high speed applications providing less drag and a fluid friction comparable to a 90-weight oil.

Compared to typical gear oils, this Shockproof Gear Oil has 40% lower coefficient of friction yet has a 250% higher load-carrying capacity. This is great news for the slow moving and high pressure environments that Rock Crawlers are exposed to, and for anytime you really need to input a lot of throttle. In addition, Red Line has verified this oil to run 25- to 75-degrees F cooler in circle track, road racing, and off road racing. It truly provides unequaled protection for heavy duty and competition uses combined.

This full-synthetic high performance oil is safe for manual transmissions, both gear drive and chain drive transfer cases, and conventional, limited-slip, and locking differentials. If you are looking for an oil that provides a greater durability with a higher efficiency, then this is it! Made in the USA Made in the USA!

Bullet points from the bottle:
  • Greatest extreme-pressure protection
  • Lowest coefficient of friction available
  • Reduces temperatures dramatically
  • Provides thicker oil films between gear teeth
  • Completely resists throw-off
  • Reduces metal-to-metal contact
  • Compatible with conventional and synthetic oils
  • Low fluid friction to improve power transfer
  • Provides gear teeth shock loading transfer
  • Reduces gear noise

Each bottle contains 1 quart (946 ml). Sold individually or in a set of three at a reduced price.

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