Past 2014 Events
CAL4WD Convention (Feb 22)
Kingsburg Snow Run (Mar 1)
RTF's Black Tie & Boots (Mar 7)
Texas Round-Up (Mar 13)
Stockton LC Swap Meet (Apr 12)
Bakersfield LC Rally (Apr 26)
Mud-N-Yer Eye Frolic (Apr 26)
Marv Spector Memorial (May 4)
Molina Ghost Run (May 10)
Blue Canyon Poker Run (May 17)
Highway Trash Clean-Up #1 (May 31)
TLCA Rubithon (Jun 21)
Moonlight Madness (Jun 21)
Lakeshore Crawl (Jul 5)
PMC Swap Meet (Jul 12)
Highway Trash Clean-Up #2 (Jul 12)
CAL4WD Sierra Trek (Aug 9)
Dusy-Ershim Trail Opener (Aug 15)
13th MC Round-Up (Aug 23)
Cantina for the Con (Aug 30)
Mallard Lake Toilet Install (Oct 17)
Turf-N-Surf (Nov 8)
Panamint Valley Days (Nov 8)
Valley Children's Toy Drive (Dec 6)
Past 2015 Events
CVC Jan Meeting (Jan 6)
F4WD Jan Meeting (Jan 13)
4X 4HIM Jan Meeting (Jan 15)
CVC Feb Meeting (Feb 3)
King Of The Hammers (Feb 6)
F4WD Feb Meeting (Feb 10)
4X 4HIM Feb Meeting (Feb 15)
CAL4WD Convention (Feb 20)
Adopt-A-Trail Meeting (Feb 25)
CVC Mar Meeting (Mar 3)
RTF's Black Tie & Boots (Mar 7)
Kingsburg Snow Run (Mar 7)
F4WD Mar Meeting (Mar 10)
Texas Round-Up (Mar 12)
AZ ROCKS (Mar 20)
Trash Clean-Up #1 (Mar 21)
CVC Apr Meeting (Apr 7)
F4WD Apr Meeting (Apr 14)
4X 4HIM Apr Meeting (Apr 15)
CVC Annual Safety (Apr 18)
Mud-N-Yer Eye Frolic (Apr 25)
Bako Land Cruiser Rally (Apr 25)
TLCA Cruise Moab (Apr 29)
CVC May Meeting (May 5)
TOTR Show & Shine (May 9)
F4WD May Meeting (May 12)
Blue Canyon Poker Run (May 16)
Lakeshore Rock Crawl (May 23)
Trash Clean-Up #2 (May 30)
CVC June Meeting (Jun 2)
F4WD June Meeting (Jun 9)
4X 4HIM June Meeting (Jun 15)
TLCA Rubithon (Jun 26)
CVC July Meeting (Jul 7)
PMC Swap Meet (Jul 11)
F4WD July Meeting (Jul 14)
4X 4HIM July Meeting (Jul 15)
Rock Hopper Round-Up (Aug 1)
CVC Aug Meeting (Aug 4)
CVC Sep Meeting (Sep 1)
Cantina for the Con (Sep 5)
F4WD Sep Meeting (Sep 8)
4X 4HIM Sep Meeting (Sep 15)
14th MC Round-Up (Sep 19)
Lucas Oil Off Road Expo (Oct 3)
CVC Oct Meeting (Oct 6)
Southern Cruiser Crawl (Oct 10)
F4WD Oct Meeting (Oct 13)
4X 4HIM Oct Meeting (Oct 15)
CVC Nov Meeting (Nov 3)
Lock N Low Nov Meeting (Nov 5)
Turf-N-Surf (Nov 7)
F4WD Nov Meeting (Nov 10)
Panamint Valley Days (Nov 13)
CVC Dec Meeting (Dec 1)
Lock N Low Dec Meeting (Dec 3)
Valley Children's Toy Drive (Dec 5)
F4WD Dec Meeting (Dec 8)
4X 4HIM Christmas Party (Dec 12)
F4WD Christmas Party (Dec 17)
CVC Christmas Party (Dec 19)
Past 2016 Events
CVC New Year's Snow Run (Jan 1)
CVC Jan Meeting (Jan 5)
Lock N Low Jan Meeting (Jan 7)
F4WD Jan Meeting (Jan 12)
4X 4HIM Jan Meeting (Jan 15)
CVC Bald Mtn Snow Run (Jan 16)
King Of The Hammers (Feb 2)
F4WD Feb Meeting (Feb 9)
4X 4HIM Feb Meeting (Feb 16)
CAL4WD Convention (Feb 20)
CVC March Meeting (Mar 1)
Lock N Low March Meeting (Mar 3)
F4WD March Meeting (Mar 8)
4X 4HIM March Meeting (Mar 15)
RTF Black Tie & Boots (Mar 19)
CVC April Meeting (Apr 5)
Lock N Low April Meeting (Apr 7)
F4WD April Meeting (Apr 12)
4X 4HIM April Meeting (Apr 19)
TLCA 40th Mud N Yer Eye (Apr 23)
15th Bako L/C Rally (Apr 30)
TLCA Cruise Moab (May 5)
F4WD May Meeting (May 10)
Blue Canyon Poker Run (May 14)
4X 4HIM May Meeting (May 17)
Lock N Low June Meeting (Jun 2)
CVC June Meeting (Jun 7)
F4WD June Meeting (Jun 14)
4X 4HIM June Meeting (Jun 21)
28th TLCA Rubithon (Jun 24)
32nd Moonlight Madness (Jun 25)
Lock N Low Jul Meeting (Jul 1)
CVC Jul Meeting (Jul 5)
PMC Swap Meet (Jul 9)
F4WD Jul Meeting (Jul 12)
4X 4HIM Jul Meeting (Jul 19)
CVC Aug Meeting (Aug 2)
Lock N Low Aug Meeting (Aug 4)
Rock Hopper Round-Up (Aug 6)
F4WD Aug Meeting (Aug 9)
CAL4WD Sierra Trek (Aug 11)
4X 4HIM Aug Meeting (Aug 16)
Lock N Low Sep Meeting (Sep 1)
Cantina for the Con (Sep 3)
CVC Sep Meeting (Sep 6)
F4WD Sep Meeting (Sep 13)
15th MC Round-Up (Sep 17)
4X 4HIM Sep Meeting (Sep 20)
Lucas Oil Off Road Expo (Oct 1)
CVC Oct Meeting (Oct 4)
F4WD Oct Meeting (Oct 11)
4X 4HIM Oct Meeting (Oct 18)
Southern Cruiser Crawl (Oct 13)
Turf-N-Surf (Nov 12)
Panamint Valley Days (Nov 12)
Lock N Low Dec Meeting (Dec 1)
Valley Children's Toy Drive (Dec 3)
4WD Clovis Christmas Parade (Dec 3) CVC Dec Meeting (Dec 6)
F4WD Dec Meeting (Dec 13)
F4WD Christmas Party (Dec 17)

Past 2013 Events
Bobby Long's Memorial (Jan 26)
King Of The Hammers (Feb 8)
Cal4WD Convention (Feb 16)
RTF Black Tie & Boots (Mar 9)
Texas Lone Star Round-Up (Mar 15)
TOTR Show & Shine (May 11)
Head 4 The Hills Poker Run (May 18)
25th TLCA Rubithon (Jun 21)
PMC Swap Meet (Jul 13)
Dusy Preparation Run (Jul 20)
Sandbox Challenge, Hawaii (Jul 27)
Dusy Creek Toilet Install (Aug 17)
Cantina for the Con (Aug 31)
12th MC Round-Up (Sep 14)
Rainbow Garnet Mine I (Sep 21)
Rainbow Garnet Mine II (Oct 4)
Lucas Oil Off-Road Expo (Oct 5)
Rainbow Garnet Mine III (Oct 12)
Tin Bender's Jamboree (Oct 19)
East Lake Toilet Install (Oct 26)
4WDCF's 3-Rocks Event (Nov 2)