Marlin Crawler Transfer Case Videos

Here are some videos showcasing what our transfer case products can do for you and your rig.
  • Control
  • Traction
  • Torque
  • Compression-braking
  • Environmental impact
  • Clutch abuse
  • Brake usage
  • Drive train shock

Marlin Crawler Dual Case Explained

Watch as BigMike explains how our Dual Transfer Case System works
at the 2017 FJ Summit in Ouray, Colorado (conversation begins at the 50-second mark)

How our TacoBox improves your truck's off-road capability

Watch as we compare three different final drive ratios: 54:1 vs 99:1 vs 254:1

Automatic TacoBox Demonstration in 3rd Gear (91:1)

Watch as Wyatt from Rock Solid Toys demonstrated the control the Marlin Crawler provides with an Automatic Tacoma

Using a Starter to verify Dual Case Load Reduction

Watch as we demonstrate how much load is being reduced on the drive train
by engaging our Marlin Crawler Dual Case Transfer Case System.

Downhill with NO driver in a 2016 Toyota Tacoma

Watch as a Tacoma powered by our TacoBox descends a Moab slickrock without a driver.
It was so steep that the low engine oil pressure warning lamp came on!

Dual Case Engine Compression Braking Demonstration

The Marlin Crawler also greatly magnifies engine compression breaking for incredibly safe and controlled descents

580:1 Triple Case TacoBox Demonstration

Watch as BigMike demos his new Triple Marlin Crawler TacoBox setup in his new 3rd gen Toyota Tacoma on 40-inch tires

Climbing "The Wall" at Poughkeepsie Gulch
with No Throttle in a 2016 Toyota Tacoma

Watch as a customer experiences the power of the Marlin Crawler Dual Case TacoBox Supreme
without using any throttle on this otherwise difficult climb known as "The Wall"

Walking The Crawler up "The Wall" @ 580:1

Watch as BigMike performs Marlin's famous "Walking The Crawler" up "The Wall" in Colorado, complete with bonus clips showing how other rigs have to use a lot of throttle and momentum when they lack the low gearing available from a Marlin Crawler.

Marlin's famous "Walking The Crawler"

Other rigs showcasing our transfer case system

Our Marlin Crawler Commercial

Our famous Formula Toy playing on the Rubicon

Our Double Roll Bearing Kills The Competition

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