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Welcome to the 9th Annual DIFFTOBER sales event!

Now through the end of October we are offering the following specials!

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01. DIFFTOBER Deal #01: Our Deepest Ninja Sale of all time!
02. DIFFTOBER Deal #02: Our Biggest DIY Builder Package Sale!
03. DIFFTOBER Deal #03: 10% Off Axle Service Kits

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DIFFTOBER Deal #1: Our Deepest Ninja Sale of all time!

Two years ago we introduced our Ninja Gears and last year our Ninja Setup Kits,
and to celebrate their success we're offering our deepest discount ever on Marlin Crawler Ninja products!

Save 15% off our Ninja Ring and Pinion Gear Kits!

8" 4cyl, NINJA GEAR

$219 $186.15

8" 6cyl, NINJA GEAR

$229 $194.65

8" High Pinion, NINJA GEAR

$239 $203.15
Marlin Crawler Ninja R&P Gears have two years on the market
and are trusted by thounsands of rigs across the following trails:
  • Hammers Proven
  • Rubicon Proven
  • Moab Proven
  • Fordyce Proven
  • Katemcy Rocks Proven
  • Ouray/Telluride Proven
  • Panamint Valley Proven
  • Dusy/Ershim Proven
  • Pismo Beach Proven
  • Hollister Hills Proven
  • Ocotillo Wells Proven
  • Barnwell Mtns Proven

Save 15% off our Ninja Setup Kits!

Toyota 8" 4cyl, Ninja Gear

$199 $169.15

Toyota 8" V6, Ninja Gear

$249 $211.65

Marlin Crawler Ninja Setups use the same High Quality parts
as Yukon kits but at a much more competitive price!


DIFFTOBER Deal #2: Our Biggest DIY Builder Package Sale!

Since 2013 we have been offering our exclusive Diff Builder Packages not only for the Do-It-Yourselfers out there, but also those who have a trusted Differential Setup experts where you can pick up everything needed with one mouse click

For 2018, we are going to MATCH our biggest Diff Builder Sale of all time!

1. FREE Lifetime Warranty Upgrade for all Gear Sets! ($45 value)
2. FREE Lifetime Warranty Upgrade for Grizzly and Zip Locker Packages! ($65 value)
3. Because Spartan and Spool lockers do not have an upgrade option, we've knocked $50 right off!
4. Finally, we've put each Builder Package on a 10% off sale!

The savings here range from $156 to $241....per each Package!

Follow the below link to view all our Diff Builder Packages!

Grizzly-Ninja Builder

$110 + 10% off!

Zip-Ninja Builder

$110 + 10% off!

Spartan-Ninja Builder

$95 + 10% off!

Spool-Ninja Builder

$95 + 10% off!


DIFFTOBER Deal #3: 10% Off Axle Service Kits

Get your differentials upgraded or leaks fixed with our High Quality Axle Service Kits, on sale now!

Front Axle Service Kit

$189 $170.1

Knuckle Gasket & Seal Kit

$49 $44.1

Knuckle Gasket & Seal Kit, LC

$49 $44.1

Front Wheel Bearing Kit

$49 $44.1

Knuckle Service Kit

$99 $89.1

Land Cruiser Rear Axle Rebuild Kit

$69 $62.1

Rear Axle Service Kit, 1979-99

$69 $62.1

Rear Axle Service Kit, 2000-04

$89 $80.1


Thank you for participating in this year's DIFFTOBER sales event!
Sales event ends at the end of October