Toyota 8" V6, Ninja Gear

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1986-1987 Hilux w/ 22R-TE
1988-1995 Hilux w/ 3VZ-E
1986-1987 4Runner w/ 22R-TE
1988-1995 4Runner w/ 3VZ-E
1996-2002 4Runner w/ 3RZ-FE
1996-2002 4Runner w/ 5VZ-FE
2003-2009 4Runner
2007+ FJ Cruiser

Complete master setup kit will fit 1988-1995 V6 Hilux/4Runner, 1986-1987 Turbo Hilux/4Runner and 1996-2002 4Runner and 2003-2009 4Runner 8" rear axle. When putting together your differential you will want a top quality setup kit to ensure long life. Our new Ninja Setup Kits feature the same high quality seals and OEM Japanese bearings, but because this is our kit we are able to offer the same components at a reduced price! Includes our Heavy Duty Solid Pinion Spacer, pinion nut, and gear pattern paint.

Our Ninja Setup Kit uses the same high quality parts as a Yukon kit, but costs more than $60 less!

Don't settle on anything less. Make sure you run OEM KOYO and/or Timken Toyota bearings in your rig!