Toyota 8" 4cyl, NINJA SETUP

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1979-1985 Hilux w/ stock gears
1979-1985 Hilux w/ Yukon gears
1984-1985 4Runner w/ stock gears
1984-1985 4Runner w/ Yukon gears
1986-1995 Hilux w/ Yukon gears
1986-1995 4Runner w/ Yukon gears

When putting together your differential you will want a top quality setup kit to ensure long life. Our new Ninja Setup Kits feature the same high quality seals and OEM Japanese bearings, but because this is our kit we are able to offer the same components at a reduced price! This is a complete master setup kit that includes our Heavy Duty Solid Pinion Spacer, pinion nut, and gear pattern paint.

Our Ninja Master Setup Kit uses the same high quality parts as a Yukon kit, but costs much less!

Don't settle on anything less. Make sure you run OEM KOYO and/or Timken Toyota bearings in your rig!

Note: V6 and High Pinion differentials are available and are an easy conversion. Converting to a 1986-1995 Turbo/V6 differential will provide larger bearings and a stronger 3rd member housing. But like the 4cyl 3rd member, it is limited by the standard rotation of the ring and pinion. Converting to a 1991-1997 FJ80 Land Cruiser front High Pinion 3rd member will provide larger bearings, a stronger housing and a reverse cut ring and pinion gear set. The high pinion provides increased front flange clearance, reduced front drive shaft angle, and it's gear set is substantially stronger in the forward direction. Please follow these links for pricing and info: Turbo/V6 & High Pinion.

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